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    Here’s a laugh
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    This ones for Ducky💛💛

    @Casie A
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    What types of tortoises do you own? Favorites?

    What are the personalities like for the tortoises you own? I’m curious.
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    Is this a prolapse?

    Hey guys so I was going to get Nova to take “him” out and I saw this when he was walking because he was dragging his tail instead of usual keeping it tucked away. It has since kind of went back in? I have “him” in water right now soaking.
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    African violets

    Are African violets okay in a sulcata enclosure ? -Thanks, Nicole.
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    Here’s an up close photo @Tom
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    black mold

    hey guys so I recently found that my grow tent has some black mold and I recently noticed novas head was dark like this? It use to be lighter than the picture I’m showing; she also has dark scales and has had them for awhile I’m trying to see if it is maybe just coco on her head but in the mean...
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    Hey guys, I’ve decided I want to add more plants to Nova’s enclosure (Sulcata) seeing how she destroyed the ones that were in there. (I know will happen again lol) but some of the plants I have that I would like to possibly stick in there as new plants, what I have are zz plant, maranta (prayer...
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    tortoises in need of adoption? This was sent to me, sadly I can’t adopt any I’m not in the AZ area but worth a share! :)
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    Hey y’all so recently I been seeing these little black guys all over Nova’s food dish. I do have springtails ( the white ones) but now I’m seeing these??? Any idea what they are.
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    Hey guys, nova has been passing these for a couple of times each soak. Is this normal I know they’re urates but I read they’re not supposed to really pass them a lot? She just recently started doing it and this is the most I’ve seen so far.
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    Prayer plants

    Hey guys I just got a red maranta (prayer plant) would this be okay to stick in my sulcata’s cage?
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    how do her scales look? Her legs have always been dark but I noticed her head looks a little dark. Am I just overreacting, there’s always something I notice with her 🙄😂 @Tom
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    coconut oil.

    IF I can, put coconut oil on Nova’s shell once and awhile; for moisture. What kind should I use. @Tom @Yvonne G
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    i just caught my sulcata ramming one of my flower pots? Lol is this normal for not even being one years old? Lol could I have a male?
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    Plant ID

    Hey guys is this safe to plant in my enclosure ? The photo ID says it’s “heart of Jesus” for a sulcata, thankks,
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    Rose of Sharon?

    Hey guys this is growing across the street I used a plant photo ID and it says it’s rose of Sharon but I wanna double check it’s okay to feed my sully?
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    female or male?

    I know it’s to young to tell but if you had to guess what would you say? P.s does her plastron look okay?:)
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    Does she look dehydrated or sick?

    Hey guys, Nova just recently had a enclosure substrate change I added coco choir and orchid bark, I’ve noticed she’s been yawning a lot and was sticking her head in and out of her shell but she’s been pretty active I haven’t seen any discharge or bubbles. Another thing that’s kinda concerning me...
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    What do you suggest for her next upgrade? @Chubbs the tegu @Srmcclure