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  1. Jeanettics

    Walking around grass from Apartment complex

    I would ask the property manager of your complex if any pesticides are used on the premises.
  2. Jeanettics

    Light Bulb Ban

    Definitely gonna save those Fluker's bulbs to my favorites list.. I know what I'm asking my family for Christmas in bulk.
  3. Jeanettics

    Light Bulb Ban

    Guess whose heat bulb just popped.. and went looking for affordable heat bulb alternatives... and just discovered this thread.... 😭
  4. Jeanettics

    Russian loves to poop on things

    Little Tortellini just loves to poop on anything I put in his enclosure. I get it, when you gotta go you gotta go. For whatever reason, he has a preference to do his business on everything but his substrate! Oh, some cute fake succulents? Perfect. A couple DIY hides for climbing and burrowing...
  5. Jeanettics

    The Best Way To Raise Any Temperate Species Of Tortoise

    This thread should be stickied so it’s easy to find! Just spent the last 20 min digging it up so I can bookmark it.
  6. Jeanettics

    Hello (soaking question)

    I’ve seen people say they soak 30 min every day.
  7. Jeanettics

    Arcadia T5 6% or 12% for Russian tortoise

    You're a wealth of knowledge. Cheers :)
  8. Jeanettics

    Arcadia T5 6% or 12% for Russian tortoise

    Hi Tom! I've been reading as many of your posts as I can haha. As much as I would love to build an outdoor enclosure, I live in an apartment complex currently so I can't just yet. I'm hoping to rent a house next year with a backyard so I can upgrade to an outdoor enclosure. If I were to skip...
  9. Jeanettics

    Arcadia T5 6% or 12% for Russian tortoise

    I've been searching through the threads to find information on the difference between the Arcadia T5 6% and 12% UV tubes. I just purchased the 6% because I thought it meant I can hang it at a lower height (I'm not sure where I got this idea from--please let me know if I'm misunderstanding). I...
  10. Jeanettics

    Pre-Made Enclosures

    You should reference the Russian Tortoise care sheets. It's recommended that adult Russian tortoises get 4x8 ft enclosures or larger. Lots of pre-made tables are generally too small (at least that's what I gathered from...
  11. Jeanettics

    My First Tortoise Table (Detailed Build & Showcase!)

    I am in awe over how awesome this enclosure is.. Your dedication is very visible!! Now all I need to do is convince my dad to copy your enclosure build 😝
  12. Jeanettics

    Why is Mazuri so popular, I don't get it.

    This thread has convinced me to try out Mazuri lol. I’m gonna buy some now!
  13. Jeanettics

    Need Help! My tortoise is growing extremely slow!

    I found an old thread talking about Sulcata growth rates. I hope it can be helpful to you. Your tortoise is adorable!
  14. Jeanettics

    How many tortoises/turtles do we have on TFO ? Let`s count !

    One Russian! 1598 + 1 = 1599 Ooooo so close to a nice even number
  15. Jeanettics

    Need Help! My tortoise is growing extremely slow!

    You should include pictures so the more experienced members have a better idea how your tortoise is doing. Good luck!
  16. Jeanettics

    male or female?

    Tortoise sex is determined by their tail I think.. but Milk looks too young to tell. Hopefully someone more experienced can tell you more.
  17. Jeanettics

    They are here!! Yay!!

    They’re so adorable 🥰💖
  18. Jeanettics

    New indoor enclosure for Russian Tortoise

    The wood chips are cypress mulch (Zoo Med). It was one of the suggested substrate choices I saw on this forum, so I thought it was okay. I’ll keep an eye on his feces for pebbles.. so far every time he bites a radicchio leaf that’s lying on the pebbles he spits it out.
  19. Jeanettics

    New indoor enclosure for Russian Tortoise

    I will definitely add caps to the corners! Thank you very much for the advice.
  20. Jeanettics

    What was the silliest thing your tort or turt did?

    Tortellini will sleep with all his legs sticking out in different directions. Sometimes he steps on his food while eating and yanks it out of his mouth lol