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  1. KatJ

    Garden for a tort?

    Hello! I’d like to grow a garden for my sulcata who lives outdoors year round. Was thinking of hardy hibiscus, mulberry, a few greens, prickly pears, hays and grasses, nettles, okay wildflowers, sedum, etc. Has anyone tried this and is there any way to make it more or less self-sustaining while...
  2. KatJ

    Humidity for Sulcatas winter enclosure?

    Hello all! We live in southern Virginia. Our winters a milder than the rest of VA, but still freezing most nights. Our sulcata has a 4x8 insulated and heated outdoor enclosure with UVB, and I was just wondering what the humidity should be like in there.. we have a misting system, since without...
  3. KatJ

    Some dry noises and slight wheeze

    Hello!! One of my sulcatas has been slightly wheezy and making a lot of dry noises. We try to keep humidity up in his hide, but it’s kinda hard. (We’re investing in a misting system soon...) anyway- he’s already been on one round of antibiotics and the vet says there’s not much more they can do...
  4. KatJ

    Rehoming in Virginia

    I can’t find a thread for adoptions or rehoming, so I’m sorry if this isn’t the place for this! My husband and I have had two male sulcatas (approx 15 and 17) for about 3 years now. They were not so healthy when we got them, living in a tiny tortoise table with no humidity, and being fed dog...
  5. KatJ

    Indoor home for a redfoot

    My redfoot seems VERY small for her age, as she had two upper respiratory infections very early in life (the place I got her from had the worst enclosure for baby redfoots that I have ever seen in my life). She's about three, and still only six inches or so. My plan is to take an old bookshelf...
  6. KatJ

    Humidity in Night Box

    Hello all!! Our night box has been finished- I may be able to post pictures later, but our two sulcatas seem to be enjoying it. They stopped fighting too, so we'll see if we need to throw a divider up in the box. I think for now they are okay. Anyway, I am wondering how you all keep the...
  7. KatJ

    Best radiator/heat source for night box?

    Hi! I am building a 4x8 night box and was wondering what everyone's preference was for ambient heat. Looking for something that is thermostat controlled and 25 inches tall or less.
  8. KatJ

    Outdoor winter enclosure

    Hi! I need all of the help I can get. Husband and I have had two 30 ish pound sulcatas for about a year and a half now, and we are attempting to build them an outdoor enclosure that they can live in year round. We live in southern Virginia, where it gets below freezing during the winter, but...
  9. KatJ

    Peeling in growth rings

    My two sulcatas both have a small peeling place on the back of their shells in the growth rings. The spot is also a bit soft, but all around the rest of their shells are hard. Is this shell rot? Growing? I discovered it while giving them a bath. Should I put oil or something on it to help? I am...
  10. KatJ

    Trying to do the best for Dorothy, Wilbur, and Morty.

    Hello from VA! Husband and I are relatively new tortoise owners. We have two sulcatas, Dorothy and Wilbur, and a yellow-foot, Morty. We received Dot and Wilbur last summer. They have changed hands twice now- we are the third owners. I think they are 12 and 15 respectively, but they seem rather...