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  1. JanelP

    My Greek Babies!

    I just want to share my new babies. I have 3 Moroccan Greek, all three different hatches from 2 different people. They are all growing well, eating well.
  2. JanelP

    fresh grape leaves and rose of sharron, now what?

    So I got back from my uncles house and I brought these fresh nice organic non pesticide grape leaves/rose of sharron, and am wondering what I should do before I feed them and how to make them last the longest. I noticed on the back of the rose of sharron leaves there is the little white fly...
  3. JanelP

    multiple story/boxes

    I've seen some enclosures where people put ramps or berms, even tunnels to other boxes or rooms. Question is do they do well with these? Are there complications? What happens if they fall? Is this a natural habitat for them? I've never been to Africa. I know it is grassland, so is it more flat...
  4. JanelP

    orchid bark

    So I was looking for orchid bark to put in my enclosure and I cant find any around town so I went to online and I found some on amazon that is from new zealand. it says it is made from pinus radiata, which I looked up is monteray pine. I thought I read that pine is toxic? I'm just wondering...
  5. JanelP

    Planning outdoor enclosure

    So I am begining to plan where my outdoor enclosure will be for my leopard tortoises. They are only 7-9 months currently but I figure start now so I can get the area going and the plants growing so it can be ready. So I thought about using this area here by the house. This tree shades this area...
  6. JanelP

    Share experiment results

    Ok, First off, I'm just going to say be nice. This I am hoping is going to be an on going thread on a journey of dealing with my female leopard who was born with a disfigured shell. I adopted her knowing as such, and not knowing why. I'm hoping maybe the info it will help other tortoises. Follow...
  7. JanelP

    Is this a safe clover?

    I cant tell if this is a safe one or not. Thank you. Also are there any actual clovers that are toxic? I'm looking to get a clover mix to plant in my tortoise pad. Says its for deer and turkeys but wont list the actual species. should I be worried?
  8. JanelP

    Testudo seed mix coming in good.

    My tray of seed mix is coming in good. I take my kitchen shears and trim the tall individual grasses to put on the weeds for my 6mo old. question is, should I let all the sprouts grow to the actual plants before letting her graze, or should I trim a hand full for her to eat. Or keep what i'm...
  9. JanelP

    Feeling lucky at Wal-mart

    Went to see if they had any succulants. Honestly I did not think I would find anything edible, however I walked away with a full spread to make a cactus garden with some variety. I know I've read that the tortoises don't have to worry about the spines, but it this true for the little babies too?
  10. JanelP

    New rocks, treatment?

    So I picked up a couple new rocks for Morlas enclosure. One I was going to use as a basking rock to help hold the heat a little more, and the other to feed her on. I picked them up from a local landscaping greenhouse. Do I need to do anything to them before I put them in her enclosure?
  11. JanelP

    New to Leopard tortoises, Hi from Idaho!

    Just wanted to pop in and say Hi! :) I was born and raised in Las Vegas NV, and had numerous desert tortoise rescues growing up as far as I can remember. It's been about 15 years since I've owned a tortoise, even though working in the vet field we see them occasionally. Leopards are totally new...