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  1. L82lalaland

    Can they eat this/ new tort area

    I think I am finally done with the wall and the demoing moving dirt creating roads. This is the area my babies will end up with in a year. Now to start the planting. They will have a cherry, apricot, and many pomegranates to hid under for shade, already existing. We are going to box this area...
  2. L82lalaland


    Hello all, I just totally thinned out my overgrown aloe plant and had a wow moment. Can I feed it to my sullys? If so I am going to be totally mad because I just threw half the plant away. :-(
  3. L82lalaland

    Out of town

    Hello Tortoise Friends I am leaving my babies with my sister for a few days, stressed here, I have left a laundry list of all the things she needs to do and should be available by phone. But if I am in a canyon with no service I gave her my ID and told her to post here if she has any question...
  4. L82lalaland

    Tortoise eating rabbit poop

    Anyone have any problems with their tortoise's eating rabbit poop. My yard fills up with rabbits at night then when I put the babies out penny manages to find every piece of the poop I missed. Is this a problem?
  5. L82lalaland

    The new outside pen

    I just got their outside pen ready it was so easy, before I had to chase them in different direction in the yard. Here are a few pictures of it. Also a bath time pic I call them my dirty mouth crew....enjoy [hr] Different angle [hr] Dirty mouth crew
  6. L82lalaland

    Penny, Lenord, & Taz new cage ?

    This is the babies new cage it's enclosed I went that way because I am still having problems keeping their humidity up. It's 4 feet by 2 feet. This should keep my 5 month olds for a little while. It's their 3rd cage upgrade in three months. :-) I bought the Zilla 1000 watt temperature...
  7. L82lalaland

    Size and age question.

    So today I went to a reptile store locally that was advertising on the tortoise for sale site. Looking for cypress mulch, wow that is hard to find out here and expensive. I assumed that they would know quite a bit about Sullies because they were on the forum. Here is my confusion. I...
  8. L82lalaland

    I am never going to a Reptile store again... Meet Lenord :-)

    Hi all, Went to a reptile store today for cypress mulch. Saw the cutest little Sully and of course the manager had it in my hand before I could blink. He was really bold and excited nudging my finger and trying to pet his head. Well of course my ATM card was on the counter before you could say...
  9. L82lalaland

    Feeding ?

    Good Morning. My babies were born beginning of November, I don't have access to grass or weeds at this point that I know for sure has not been sprayed. We just bulldozed the entire property so it just dirt. Here are my ? 1. They have been eating romaine lettus, some hibiscus flower. They won't...
  10. L82lalaland

    Only staying at the hot side

    Hello again. I have a question. My babies are only staying at the hot side of the tank. I keep a basking spot at 100 and its about 90 on one side of the tank and between 80 and 75 to the other end. They never venture to the other side. Are alway on the basking rock or close to it. I put them in...
  11. L82lalaland

    Poisonous trees?

    Hello and happy holidays, I live in Lakeside, California and was wondering if anyone could identify these trees and if they were poisonous to my Sullies. Also was trying to figure out the best area to place their new home and was wondering what you all thought of the trees that they would be...
  12. L82lalaland

    Humidity problem

    Help, I can't seem to get my humidity to stay up. I pour a large glass of warm water in the cage in the morning and wet all the coco, then I spray the cage in the evening before bed but my humidity stays around 60 then drops down to 40 by the afternoon. All my other temps are good. Basking 98...
  13. L82lalaland

    Few random question

    Have a couple of quick questions? When can you tell the sex of Sulcata babies? I know they are suppose to be kept separate, and have the room to separate them with each ending up with large enclosures, but what is the best chance for keeping two together, male/ male, female/male, or...
  14. L82lalaland

    Finally names and better pictures

    Hello I have finally named my two babies they are eating great now as long as I take them outside to eat. For some reason Taz won't eat in the cage. Names Taz and Patience. Picture in the Tupperware lid water dish Taz is on the right. They were 4 weeks old on Friday. My sons girlfriend owns...
  15. L82lalaland

    Three week olds

    Hello I just adopted two three week old Sulcata's and have a few questions. 1. One's she'll is peeling a little bit is this normal? 2. I have read several books and links and am confused. Should they be kept at 95 degrees basking spot or 85 with the other part of the tank being at 75. 3...