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  1. AnthonyC

    I Make it Rain Up in Here!

    No humidity problems here... 1% more and there would be rain falling from the roof! These are night time temps... The 91* is from the humid hide; the 73* is the "cool" side.
  2. AnthonyC

    And Which Right Would This Fall Under?!

    Oh blunder! I love finding these things in my local newspaper! Another double entendre! NOT IN MY PARK!
  3. AnthonyC

    More Pics of the Dogs!

    I had Photobucket opened so I figured I'd put up a few more pics of the Dachies: Jeter looking confused... as usual! Autumn during one of the 2 seconds a day that she's unattached from my hip! Super Preggers Bella sleeping w/her nose stuck in her butt! The two sisters together!
  4. AnthonyC

    My Mountain Lion!

    I realized that I've never posted pictures of my insane cat. This is Kally & if she looks crazy it's b/c she is. She was the spawn of a feral cat... or maybe she's the spawn of Satan, either way I've had her since she was a few hours old old. All of her litter mates were killed by a dog. I...
  5. AnthonyC

    Sweet Anise aka Fennel

    Can this be safely eaten Sulcatas? Right now it's everywhere by me & it's cheap.
  6. AnthonyC


    As an English teacher I tend to find double entendres everywhere I look! Take a look @ this doozy I found in a local newspaper this morning! The part to focus on is the "stinging prideful unit". :D:D
  7. AnthonyC

    Puppy Coming Soon!!

    Okay so Bella is going to have her puppy soon & I was hoping that someone out there can tell me what I should expect. What do I do if she starts delivering @ home? What are the signs that delivery is near? What if the puppy comes out feet first? What do I do with the puppy right after it's...
  8. AnthonyC

    I'm VERY Worried!

    I'm going away from 11/17-11/23 and I have to leave my baby Sulcatas behind. I'm going to be putting them back into their old sweater box enclosure, and bring them to my parent's house. My father is going to be the one caring for them while I'm gone. My dad's a great guy but I know that he...
  9. AnthonyC

    Last Outside Pics of the Year :(

    I'm assuming that today was probably the last warm day that we're going to see in NY for awhile. Here are my final outdoor pics:
  10. AnthonyC

    Tortoises Guardian Angel

    Jeter has really taken a liking to the torts. He always watches over them when I let them run around the yard, and he makes sure they are not harmed.
  11. AnthonyC

    Surveillance Cameras Catch Jacqui Coming Home from the Dentist!

    Local authorities just released this video surveillance of Jacqui rushing home from the dentist to get back on TFO this morning! Apparently they WERE NOT out of novacaine!
  12. AnthonyC

    I've Found the Cure for Forum Stress!!!

    With all the stress that we've endured in the last few hours, I present to you the ultimate decompression tool! Turn up your volume & let the relaxation consume you!!!! :D:D:D Goooose Favaaa! Goooose Favaaaa! (Anger Management)
  13. AnthonyC

    These Pumpkins Didn't Have A Chance!!!

    Decided to give the kiddies some pumpkin (actually it's a gourd but don't tell them!). ...and finally! NOBODY BETTER LAY A FINGER ON MY BUTTERFINGER!!
  14. AnthonyC

    Raphaela, Michaelangela, & Leonardo Update!

    I'm unusually warm here in NY! It's so warm that I actually am able to take the gang outside for some natural sunlight! I decided to take the opportunity to weigh them. Here ya go! This is my FAT GIRL Raphaela! This is my most active (as you can see) tort Michaelangela...
  15. AnthonyC


    During the day she blends in with the rest of the tortoise population... But at night she's SUPER TORTOISE!...
  16. AnthonyC

    Snow Dogs!

    I took these pictures before the electric went out Saturday afternoon. I lost power in the middle of uploading them:
  17. AnthonyC

    Weird Sulcata Behavior?

    A few weeks ago I moved my 3 baby Sulcatas from a sweater box to a 55g aquarium. I purchased a glass top for it, and my humidity levels have elevated to +70%. In fact there is so much humidity in the enclosure that it condensates on both ends of the tank (where the MVB/CHE don't evaporate it)...
  18. AnthonyC


    Does anyone know if Forsythia flowers are safe for Sulcata babies? I was just outside in the snow with the dogs, and for some reason they're in full bloom!
  19. AnthonyC


    I just woke up... Sorry had a rough night :rolleyes:... Ummm... and I still "tipsy"?!? WTH is THIS??!!... Pumpkin art brought to you by my niece and nephew btw! ;) ...Ahem! It may be time to close the pool! :D:D
  20. AnthonyC


    Just kidding... This is Jeter's Halloween costume. I'm trying to take some pics of Autumn & Bella, but they aren't cooperating!