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  1. Kenno

    100 yr old Desert Tortoise yard question

    Tammy, Thank you! Old Duncan loves to get dirty but every morning his dip in the water dish cleans him off. He eats grass and weeds, supplemented with many flower treats and Nopales, some lettuce, and occasional watermelon, I also give some shredded carrots in the late summer to help him store...
  2. Kenno

    100 yr old Desert Tortoise yard question

    Tammy, I also have a very old desert tortoise in Long Beach. His vet says he could be 100 years old. My guy loves a warm water soak in the morning and waits for me to bring the water, then crawls in for about half an hour. In the recent hot days he prefers cool water but still wants his...
  3. Kenno

    The Tortoise Forum App is going to be disabled on Oct 1, 2019

    Working just fine so far! Has the “landlord granted us an extension?
  4. Kenno

    Desert tortoise pictures needed for Sulcata care guide!

    Duncan, at least 85 years old! Enjoying a sprinkler.
  5. Kenno

    Frankie Tortoise Tails: Going Home

    Frankie has a great spirit! Glad to hear he has lawn furniture to push around. Thank you.
  6. Kenno

    Show me your best pics of your tort!

    Duncan has me trained to warm his water in the morning. He comes to the bowl and drinks a little, then puts one foot in and waits. I don’t use hot water- we’re not making turtle soup here! In this shot he’s enjoying a hibiscus flower and some lettuce with one foot still in the bath.
  7. Kenno

    New Redfoot, Darwin

    Beautiful! Please keep posting!
  8. Kenno

    A sulcata tortoise uses a chair to jump a fence !!

    Hilarious! He made it!
  9. Kenno

    Growths on chin --Desert Tortoise

    Nice set of chin glands! Totally normal.
  10. Kenno

    need help , tortoise stopped eating and move on hind legs

    Thanks for letting us know. You did everything you could. I’m sorry for your loss.
  11. Kenno

    need help , tortoise stopped eating and move on hind legs

    I admire you for all you have done. Congratulations! Is he moving better?
  12. Kenno

    Babysitting help please!

    Friends have asked if I can take care of a new hatchling CDT for five days. Sounds like fun but I take this very seriously! I need advice on hatchling care! Thanks
  13. Kenno

    CDT not doing well post op

    Thank you, Brandi. The bladder stone was found in a routine exam with x-rays. During the last year he didn't hibernate well, and a few times he seemed agitated, staying awake in the evening and moving around instead of settling to sleep. Although it has been over a year now, I still don't want...
  14. Kenno

    need help , tortoise stopped eating and move on hind legs

    There’s Dr. Tom Greek in Yorba Linda.
  15. Kenno


    Duncan enjoys climbing over obstacles.
  16. Kenno

    CDT health scare

    And today he is fully recovered, active and hungry. He can swallow big bites and there’s no sound except the crunching of his bites. He had a long warm bath and even drank some of the water before he got out to graze.
  17. Kenno

    CDT health scare

    He's a little lethargic, taking long naps but he often does that in July. He eats anything I give him and he knows where the grass and water are. The crisis is apparently passed. Thanks for asking!
  18. Kenno

    CDT health scare

    No runny nose at any time, extremely sudden onset. Unlikely to be a respiratory infection. The sudden resolution makes me think he swallowed whatever was stuck in his throat.
  19. Kenno

    CDT health scare

    Long Beach. Without irrigation, this would be desert. I don’t understand why you this location would make a tort’s neck swell. Tom, can you explain what you mean?
  20. Kenno

    CDT health scare

    Alex gave us a good scare. He was lethargic but awake yesterday and didn’t’ move from one spot. He was doing wide yawns and alternating whistles, gasps, and hisses. I looked deep in his mouth and throat and it looked clear, but his neck seemed swollen. I fed him some tiny bites of lettuce and...