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  1. Liltortivert

    Liltortivert picture update

    Liltortiverti, our little greek tortoise has been doing really well! He's still very small but heftier now than before. THIS.BOY.EATS: Jesus... I think liltortivort liked how it tasted:
  2. Liltortivert

    Mazzuri Small Tortoise Diet LS

    Why is the small tortoise diet LS so different from the regular LS? Less fiber more protein etc. I don't feed him pellets much but I figured it might round out his diet if fed maybe once, twice a week. Has anyone tried both? The bigger pellets are a bit much for my baby Greek but maybe I will...
  3. Liltortivert

    [GREEK] Dinner, how it started vs how it ended

    Wanted to share our little guy munching on his greens. Last one is how we in the US felt after Thanksgiving dinner.
  4. Liltortivert

    Tortoise skin dry from oversoaking?

    Hi so my tortoise started peeling a bit on his neck and while I know this is normal it made me wonder if its possible to dry your torts skin from over soaking. I know humidity is good and I keep his "dry" area at 70-80 humidity and his humid area upwards of 90. But moisture, wetness, and...
  5. Liltortivert

    Is this early pyramiding?

    Hi, I got this tort maybe a week ago and I was wondering if he had a little pyramiding going on or this was just normal growth for a greek. We've been following the tortoise caresheet and was worried about thr little guy. I've been keeping him moist and soaked and I'm constantly checking then...
  6. Liltortivert

    New Tortoise Check In

    Hi, We got this lil dude a few days ago. Im guessing he is tg Iberia or some American mixed ibera as he was bought from a local reptile store. We grow arugula and mustard greens so we gave been feeding him that mixed with mazzuri pellets (tho he only really eats the greens). I know he should...