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  1. Falcon70

    Are these little bumps normal?

    I wouldn't be concerned right now. Like other reptiles, tortoises shed, just in a different way than snakes and lizards because of their shell. Pieces come off bit-by-bit. Might be some retained shed, or pieces getting ready to fall off. You can try increasing to daily soakings for the next week...
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    Something wrong or living his best life?

    Agree with ZenHerper here. Unless you're matching the intensity of natural lighting from the spring/summer with artificial light, they're hardwired to slow down, even with stable temperatures. I don't think there's anything wrong with that. My Russian is also pretty lazy when she comes inside...
  3. Falcon70

    Hardware Store T5 HO Light Fixture

    Thanks Mark. I was reading through your thread on the topic, and it's tremendous work. Though anecdotal evidence can be useful, evidence through research and numbers is unmatched. It's interesting to see how far knowledge on UVB lighting has come in the last decade or so!
  4. Falcon70

    Hardware Store T5 HO Light Fixture

    I came across them, and am very impressed. Especially with their website, and the species specific lighting guide/UV education portion. I don't personally have a UV meter, but have a friend who will let me use it to set things up/check every couple months. Arcadia supplies are seemingly scarce...
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    Hardware Store T5 HO Light Fixture

    HO part makes sense. Don’t mind paying extra if it’s worth it, and it sounds like it is. Exactly why I asked. Thanks!
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    Hardware Store T5 HO Light Fixture

    Hey all, it's been a while! I've had to take my Russian tortoise inside for the time being while in the process of moving. As a result, I'm looking to overhaul my lighting, and want to move over to the ReptiSun T5 HO line. To save money, is it possible to use a hardware store equivalent light...
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    New and in need of help! (Russian picky eater)

    Welcome! Like the others said, just try to sneak in other, more beneficial foods such as the different weeds growing in your yard, which what she'll currently eat. They can hold out on food for a pretty long time, but eventually she'll cave and start eating what she should be. Russians are tough...
  8. Falcon70

    Tortoise shell odd white lines & Circles

    Perfectly normal! You have a very nice tortoise :)
  9. Falcon70

    Helpp Russain tortoise Shell rot?

    Are you talking about the little white marks? Those look like old scrapes and dings, nothing to worry about. I don't see any shell rot.
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    New Red-footed Tortoise Owner

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    Hello from sunny England

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    New here

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    That may be one of my favorite pictures yet!
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    Update on Redfoot

    Great coloring! You have a beautiful tortoise:)
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    No poop

    If he's eating a lot and acting normal, chances are he is pooping. He could be eating it or maybe it's just getting buried under substrate/you don't see it. Is he inside or outside?
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    Hello From Arizona!

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    Hardcore tortoise enthusiast

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    April Showers Brings...

    Nice picture. My relatives in MA are complaining about the weather too,