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  1. Freddy90

    Can someone confirm species for me?

    Was fishing with my family and this turtle took our bait of the hook. I think it's a common snapping turtle? Location is the Willstätter See in Austria. I have never seen a wild turtle here before and i think someone had enough of his pet since they are not native here.
  2. Freddy90

    My Spotted Turtle

    Hey everyone! This is a thread where I will post pictures and updates of my spotted turtle Petrie :) This is how his setup currently looks. Finally spied on him basking :) Petrie in his separate feeding tub Thanks to all here who helped me with answering all my questions. This forum is...
  3. Freddy90

    Is there glass or plastic that lets uvb through?

    Wondering if there is glass or some kind of plastic on the market that let's uvb through. I know there's probably not something that let's 100% through but maybe like 70-90% ? I cant find anything online that says it let's uvb through...maybe someone here has some info :)
  4. Freddy90

    Pyramiding a problem for water turtles?

    Read a lot of posts here about pyramiding and that it has to do with the wrong humidity and strong lights. But all I read is tortoises obviously this is mainly a tortoise forum but can someone tell me if my spotted turtle can pyramid also? Keeping him outside with the real sun no lights
  5. Freddy90

    Plastic pool for turtles?

    My spotted turtle is still a baby 14 grams If he gets a little bigger I want to upgrade him and I thought this would do well. Have any of u tried this pool method before? Do u think it would work for one spotted turtle as adult? Dimensions are 122x122cm and 30cm high. Or can someone recommend...
  6. Freddy90

    Temperature consistency during hibernation

    Hello I bought a fridge for my spotted turtle to hibernate him during winter. Now the temperature changes every few like 7-10 hours between 3.8°c and 6°c Is this in the ok range ? (Turtle not in yet plan on putting him in the fridge during mid October just testing beforehand)
  7. Freddy90

    Oxygen during hibernation?

    Just ordered a fridge online for hibernating my spotted turtle baby. But what about oxygen in the water? I read some guides online but they don't mention oxygen... Does a turtle sometimes move the head above the water during hibernation to breathe ? Or is there enough oxygen in the water...
  8. Freddy90

    Questions Questions Questions (Hibernation)

    Hey my spotted turtle hatchling is doing really good. Finally saw him basking in the early mornings. Got a few questions if y'all don't mind :) 1. Do I need to hibernate my spotted turtle? 2. Is it relevant for his health? If I should do it: 3. How many months ? 4. What temperature ? 5...
  9. Freddy90

    dragonfly larvae dangerous for hatchlings?

    Hello turtle and tortoise friends. Is a dragonfly larvae dangerous for a turtle hatchling? (Small species.. babys like mud,musk,spotted turtles) Am worried about my spotted turtle baby saw some dragonflies lay eggs on the plants in my outside tub.
  10. Freddy90

    Basking habit questions :)

    Maybe someone can help me Why do some species of turtle (sliders,painted,cooters) bask for hours every day and others (spotted,musk,mud,snappers) rarely bask ? My spotted turtle baby never basks. While my painted turtle baby basks for hours. Both outside in tubs.
  11. Freddy90

    Help is this setup appropriate?

    Got a spotted turtle hatchling This tub is 60 gallons Lots of floating plants and dead leafs for cover. Logs and stones for basking. Is this ok? Can someone help? Hes in this since 4 days without problems so far. The tub is on my balcony. Completely predator safe
  12. Freddy90

    Spotted turtle tank size?

    What tank size does an adult require? Planning on buying one... Want to keep her year round indoors I have no garden!
  13. Freddy90

    Why are tortoises and turtles so colorful?

    Hi sorry in advance for my English! I hope I posted in the right category. Why are so many turtles and tortoises so colorful? Wouldn't it be better for them to be green? For example the cooters why are they so bright yellow? Or the box turtles... why not camouflage? Is the bright color...