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  1. Heliogabalus76

    Is my guy healthy?

    Hi everyone, Reading this forum has been a huge help for me with my son's tortoise. We really love him as a pet, but I'm always worried that I'm screwing him up. Because we live somewhere that has cold and long winters, he's been an inside tortoise--although with UVB lights, a decent diet of...
  2. Heliogabalus76

    Czech Marginated

    This is the marginated tortoise we bought in the Czech Republic. Almost 2 years old now. (If you see anything I should be on the lookout for, let me know.)
  3. Heliogabalus76

    Hibernating Marginateds?

    Hi everyone. I recently got a little marginated tortoise; he'll be 2 in October. I'm wondering about hibernating him. How old/big should marginateds be before they hibernate? Is it a problem to not hibernate them? I live in the Czech Republic (I'd probably compare the climate to upstate New...
  4. Heliogabalus76

    New marginated owner.

    Hi everyone, I've been really lucky to find this place--it's been invaluable already, yet I have a lot to still read and learn. I bought a young marginated (born 10.2012) tortoise for my son two weeks ago, and I''m trying to figure out what will keep him healthy and happy. I'm a bit worried...