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  1. berrilturtle

    baby chitra chitra picture

    it is my baby chitra chitra javanensis pictures:cool::cool:
  2. berrilturtle

    turtle morph

    introduce my duo melanistic chinemys reevesi and pastel RES(maybe hypo,because he look so pale)
  3. berrilturtle

    ambonensis breeding project

    hi... this is my pair of ambonensis box turtle mating
  4. berrilturtle

    Ask about aldabra

    hi all......i want to ask about aldabra food i just bought 10cm(4inch) his weight is 223gram when he just arrived after 4 or 3days in my home,his weight become 275gram is it normal?? he always drink everyday but i want ask about 1 thing his menu everyday is grass,hibicus,carrot,bean...
  5. berrilturtle

    please ID this grass

    hello...i need some help to ID this grass i live in indonesia,usually we call this with RUMPUT LATIN name is PENNISETUM PURPUREUM... AND IT IS THE PIC is it OK to feed to my sulcata tortoise???
  6. berrilturtle

    my giant chitra chitra

    enjoy it guys my giant chitra chitra
  7. berrilturtle

    cherry head won't eat! please help

    Starting a few weeks ago, where my appetite started to decrease CH Its main food is lettuce and hibiscus but he did not want to eat it .. then I think that he's just bored with the food menu then I try to replace it with a carrot, and he would eat his appetite back but still not as much as...
  8. berrilturtle

    olive oil???

    I wanted to ask whether the content in olive oil to moisten the tortoise carapace? as a substitute vitashell maybe?? because if applied in humans in olive oil to moisturize your skin
  9. berrilturtle

    my tortoise...(CH,radiata,emys and sulcata)

    this is my tortoise 1.cherry head juniooorrr....9cm senioorr...14cm up :tort::tort::tort::tort: [hr] radiata high dome...high black 19-20cm sulcata 10cm his sister emys 35cm
  10. berrilturtle

    hi all.....

    hi all my name is berril theo i live in Indonesia i just have 6 tortoise 1 emys tortoise,2 cherry head,1 radiata and 2 sulcata