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  1. lynnedit

    Sun + Tortoise weeds= Happy tortoise

    I thought I’d share a pic of my Russian tortoise, Bump. I got her as a hatchling from @biochemnerd808 nearly 4 years ago. Here she is in her outside enclosure (she spends the night in the adjacent secure Greenhouse). She lives outside nearly year round. The weeds are from Tortoise Supply and...
  2. lynnedit

    CL 'female' Russian in Portland, Or. area

    Looks like this person might negotiate the price down... No water dish! Who knows what the substrate is!!!!
  3. lynnedit

    Ornate digging nests for 3 weeks

    You may recall this Ornate female that I adopted from a local rescue organization a couple of months ago. She is in the waterland tub, and I have built up the soil with leaves and topsoil to 6 inchs or more in her favorite spot. It has had a black bulb, 60w trained on it for the entire time...
  4. lynnedit

    Waterland Tub Box turtle enclosure

    I was lucky enough to get this Waterland Medium Land tub off of craigslist for $75. Here it is, set up for an ornate Box turtle (who was a little put out when he slipped off of the log, lol):
  5. lynnedit

    Ornate box turtle?

    I believe that one of the box turtles I am fostering may actually be an Ornate BT? Thanks!
  6. lynnedit

    box turtle water filtration-Team Gomberg/anyone else!

    I am fostering two female Eastern box turtles for a local Reptile Rescue. I used to have a box turtle, and am considering adopting them. I have a medium Waterland land tub that I got off of Craigslist for $75, a lucky find. I have added a bulkhead drain with a shut off to the water side to...
  7. lynnedit

    Fostering two Eastern adult females

    Our local Reptile Rescue was inundated with Box Turtles and Russian tortoises this fall, so I volunteered to foster two of the Boxies. Mind you, I come from Russian tortoise land; feisty, weeds only, don't house them together if you can help it…. I did own a Box Turtle for at least 15...
  8. lynnedit

    Making use of PVC!

    Bertha is creative.
  9. lynnedit

    outdoor hibernation in the PNW

    I thought I would share my experience with a Russian tortoise hibernating outside in our area this past season. 3 of my female Russians lived outside this past year, spending a good part of winter in an insulated Greenhouse with basking lights. In about December, they stopped eating, but...
  10. lynnedit

    Male Russian -hibernation 2013

    Last year my male Russian became very restless in the summer: he paced and would not eat. (See Joesmum's posts). I couldn't tempt him with anything. He had a negative fecal and otherwise looked very healthy (eyes, nose, etc.). He was in his inside enclosure over the winter, slightly...
  11. lynnedit

    55f and rain- still time for breakfast!

    Nice picture of Mean Girl who ventured out from her basking lamp in the greenhouse for a snack. 55f, (high will be 60f) and a light rain. Guess she doesn't need a soak! She is eating a clump of the T lady Med Tortoise seeds, sprouted initially in a flat in the GH and transplanted to the...
  12. lynnedit

    Why do Steppe tortoises like to roam?

    They certainly have an incredibly large range in the wild: Takes a bit of scrolling, but go to this site, and scroll down to 2003 articles and read the abstract: "Sex divergence in space utilisation in the steppe tortoise...
  13. lynnedit

    link to cold frames, etc.

    Here is a link to poly tunnels, cold frames, etc. Prices aren't marked down much, but would cover shipping. For those who might want a 'warm up spot' for their outside torts. A very reliable site...
  14. lynnedit

    Chillin' in the greenhouse

    Yeah, we're pretty sure we aren't going to brumate yet. We'll get back to you...
  15. lynnedit

    Mean Girl gets her way

    The torts have migrated to the greenhouse here in the PNW, now that days are in the low 50's, nights low 40's, intermittent rain. So, since they were not going outside, and temps are dropping into the upper 30's later this week, I put the foam insert into their exit doors. Here is mean...
  16. lynnedit

    Lady It is 100 degrees

    And a girl has to do what she can to stay cool
  17. lynnedit

    endangered western pond turtles

    This was nice to read in the paper today:
  18. lynnedit

    salad bar and visitor(s)

    Enjoying the mustard/chicory greens from her favorite vantage point: A visitor by the nasturtium Two hummingbirds, (one is angry!) on the wire (cell phone pic, sorry); Well, off for a nibble then bed...
  19. lynnedit

    Her shell before and now

    She was adopted last February 2011, living in a small kiddy pool, never outside, diet? lighting? After last summer outside, and a fair amount outside so far this year as well. She will never be perfect, but her shell is better!
  20. lynnedit

    outdoor Russian enclosure PICS

    There is a greenhouse, not in pics. These are pics of the outside area, from left to right. On the left you can see the exit from the greenhouse (torts own the floor :rolleyes: ) A hide. And finally, 'mean girl' asking to get out the door of the GH, because there is...