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  1. Merrick

    lizard ID please

    Proably a curly some sub species are bigger them others, definetly not a tegu. Also aren't alligator lizards only found on the west coast
  2. Merrick

    Blue Tongue Skink

    Congrats!! Blue tounges rule
  3. Merrick

    Hello from Florida

    Welcome to the forum from sunny south Florida
  4. Merrick

    Can I link stuff while on iphone?

    Try going into the thread and see if it say copy url
  5. Merrick

    Lizard questions!!!

    Chameleons are quite demanding. The other pagona species are much rarer in captivity. If you want a lizard smaller then 24 inches I would suggest a leopard gecko.
  6. Merrick

    Can I link stuff while on iphone?

    Copy past works for me
  7. Merrick

    Any Tortoise good for a small enclosure?

    Agreed blue tounges make awesome pets
  8. Merrick

    Mixing species

    Good thing to share on this forum seems like somebody always is asking a question about mixing
  9. Merrick

    Captive Bred Vs Wild Caught

    I am not sure if it is captivity or not it may just be that one is a little bit more "wild"
  10. Merrick

    Radiated for a first time tort owner?? Insanity?

    Have you thought of getting more of a cold tolerant tortoise like a forstenii or elongated
  11. Merrick


    How old is s/he
  12. Merrick

    Found this device that lets you record temperature data overtime probably going to get one and see what the ambient temps are near where I want my new outdoor enclosure over the course of a day.
  13. Merrick

    New indoor enclosure of an Eastern Hermann

    Is your vet a primarily reptile vet?
  14. Merrick

    Anyone who has a baby tortoise for me please?? I'm in Gauteng, west rand!

    I am gussing you mean south Africa
  15. Merrick

    New indoor enclosure of an Eastern Hermann

    Higher then %50-60 more like 70-90 is better for humidity you may want to add some plants and put a cover to help hold I humidity
  16. Merrick

    New Water Feature at Tortoise Cove

    Very cool
  17. Merrick

    The Reptile Community tear's itself apart

    Underground reptiles has that same philosophy they said so in their tegu care video. I also happen to agree
  18. Merrick

    The Reptile Community tear's itself apart

    Their are many reasons for this. One most people in our community want what is best for the animal so they will fight for other people to do the same as they are because they believe it to be correct. Two their is not enough scientific data to back up most claims (not enough field research of...
  19. Merrick

    Guapo, Blackthroat Monitor.

    I did not know that it was debated but I did know other monitors have salivary glands. I will have to look deeper into it thank you
  20. Merrick

    18 and under thread

    What are you guys doing I am going to th zoo