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  1. Pearly

    RF age laying eggs?

    Hey Guys, my Shellie is 4yrs old now, almost 10lbs and about 11”SCL. Can someone tell me when I need to start worrying about eggs? She has no male around to worry about but will still lay eggs at some point. My worry is her getting eggbound, and every time she slows down a bit, doesn’t want to...
  2. Pearly

    Pearly’s RF -not „Babies” anymore! in 2019

    Hi there to All you Shell-baby parents! I am still here, still busy with my human, fur and shelled family. Shellie and Tucker have already turned 4 yrs old and they are big heavy monsters! I still bring them inside every night because their outdoor house still needs a proper door and insulation...
  3. Pearly

    Is this what’s called STRIDULATION????

    Guys, how the heck do i post a video here???? Help!!! Using my iphone, was going to post a video clip from my existing video library
  4. Pearly

    Is my Shellie a Girl?

    hey guys, my Shellie is not quite 3 yrs old yet, weighing in at little over 6lbs and measuring 10.5” straight carapace. Is it too early to tell her gender? that tail is definitely short and fat thought the anal scutes shape... I don’t know... but then.... some concavity in her plastron...
  5. Pearly

    Hello from Pearly and her torts[emoji217][emoji217]❣️

    Hey Guys, wasn’t sure where to post this and chose intro section. Been off this Forum for a while due to some family issues and really missed you guys, but I still have my 2 RF’s and they are growing, healthy and happy. It will likely take me a while to get used to the new workings of the forum...
  6. Pearly


    Hi guys, it's been smooth sailing for past year or more, and still is, really, except for this new finding in Shellie. Calling on seasoned tort keepers to tell me if they've ever had this happen with their torts. This is Shellie when she was much smaller. We think she is a girl (aberrant...
  7. Pearly

    Pagoda bush

    Hey guys does anyone know if it's safe to plant in my babies outdoor enclosure? I think Latin name is Clerodendrum Paniculatum. I found a big one in wildlife sanctuary for only 10$, couldn't resist this gorgeous ornamental bush. Just not sure about any toxic compounds in it in case "the kids"...
  8. Pearly

    What did I plant in my Tortoise Garden???!!!!

    Has anyone any idea what this plant maybe? It's been growing very fast and straight up. the harde hibiscus is growing behind it hence the pink flowers there. large maple like leaves they are soft in texture but not really velvety like those of flowering maple. Help, please!!!
  9. Pearly

    Female RF peeing in her hide

    Hi Guys, my Shellie is 2 yrs old and recently started peeing up storm inside and at the entrance to her night hide where she always sleeps. I know this is normal behavior for them to raise humidity in their sleep chamber, but Shellie's ambient humidity inside that hide has always been in low...
  10. Pearly

    Pearly's: Juvenile RF new behaviors

    Hi guys, just wanted to run couple things by you- fellow RF keepers. Shellie is 2 yrs old, measuring 8" and weighing in little over 3lbs. The indoor enclosure has only been used as enclosed nighttime bed (daytime outside in a big Tortoise Garden) where I had well established bio-substrate which...
  11. Pearly

    Pearly's "babies" in their baths

    Hi, All! I've been wanting to do this thread for a while for quick reference for our newcomers or folks who have questions. Again, like with all the other posts I claim no perfection or "my way is the only right way". What I share on this forum is just the result of my observations of the...
  12. Pearly

    Pearly's RF babies loving their bath!

    I thought I'd create this thread for those who struggle with this very important component of tort keeping. My babies ideal water temp seems to be between 95 and 103F. If they had a long outing that day past the sunset where their core temp went down a bit, I refresh their bath water enough...
  13. Pearly

    RIP my sweet Toffi

    Hi Guys, I've been wanting to put this in writing and just... couldn't!!! Completely stuck! Paralyzed! Trying to get on the Forum and participate at least welcome few new members of see if I can help some new people with feeding of sick torts or any of the common mistakes that I had made at the...
  14. Pearly

    ios 10.2 update on apple devices

    Is anyone else having trouble with the forum app on the mobile apple devices since the latest ios update?
  15. Pearly

    Pearly's cherryhead marbling story

    This thread is dedicated to all novice cherryhead keepers who like myself a year ago, had no idea their baby torts shell color would go through some drastic changes. My baby grand-tort- Tucker was one of the 2 tiny hatchlings I bought over a year ago for my then 10 yr old daughter. His "sister"...
  16. Pearly

    Hey, Virginia members! How are you holding up?

    Just heard about how hard hit couple of your counties got with floods. Please be safe
  17. Pearly

    Ideas for watering holes outdoor enclosure

    Hi guys, I'm looking for some low tech ideas for wading pool for my RF babies in their outdoor enclosure. Can you share pics of what you have?
  18. Pearly

    Baby tort hide ideas for otdoors?

    Hi guys, I'm at finishing phases of my outdoor enclosure build for my RF yearlings in Texas. What do you guys do for hides? Can you share ideas/post pics?
  19. Pearly

    Warm climate tort keepers, pls help with ant problem

    My outdoor enclosure is semi-ready for test runs. The plan was to start bringing babies out for couple hrs in am and then again in pm. Just to keep close eye on things and tweak deatails as they come up. Well, one major "detail" is ants! They just come out of nowhere! I've done orange oil and...
  20. Pearly

    Prince William- the frog

    Yesterday I went out to prep the cinderblocks enclosing tort garden for planting, threw shovelful of dirt to start filling the hollow space out, and something jumps out of the hole, almost in my face! I'm startled but quickly notice froggy shape. Name him Prince William and leave his...