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  1. Gillian M

    Is My Tortoise Sleeping Too Much?

    Hi everyone. I have been terribly worried about my tort, lately. He eats and drinks well, thank God. However, (and despite the relatively hot weather), he sleeps literally all the time unless I take him out for a so-called "walk" or I take him out so as to soak him and feed him. Temperature here...
  2. Gillian M


    Hello everyone. Jordan has been going through a heatwave lately, and temperature reaches about 36 degrees C in Amman, during the day. Would you advise me to give my tort a soak twice daily? Anyone's help would be highly appreciated, Thank you.
  3. Gillian M


    Hi. I usually give Oli a warm, daily soak, in Winter and Summer alike. Recently, it has been terribly cold here. It even snowed. I got chillblains, which are extremely painful, so painful that I have not been able to give poor Oli a soak for the past four days or so. The issue is worrying me a...
  4. Gillian M

    Leaving My Tort Alone.

    I am planning to travel to Aqaba (in the south of Jordan) for a few days. The place is extremely far from Amman: it is about 400 km away! Therefore I cannot go and come back in one day. The trouble is that I would have to leave Oli alone. He refuses to eat unless I hand feed him. Moreover, the...
  5. Gillian M

    A Picky Eater

    Hi. I have been having trouble in persuading Oli to eat. He won't even eat lettuce which is his favourite. Don't know why he gets into these "moods" if so I may call them, every now and again. There was a heat wave here weeks ago, whereas temperature reached 38 degrees C in Amman. I know that...
  6. Gillian M

    Appetite of Torts During Heat Waves

    Hi everyone. I have recently noticed that Oli has not got much appetite despite: 1) the extremely hot weather the country is going through. We are going through a heat wave here and temperature reaches 40 degrees C (104 F). We have been cautioned not to exposed to the striking sun. I have...
  7. Gillian M

    Happy Birthday, @Chasen

  8. Gillian M

    Happy Birthday, @Team Gomberg

    and many more to come! Love, Gillian and Oli! :<3::tort:
  9. Gillian M

    Happy Birthday Cheryl Hills!

    Dear @Cheryl Hills and........... and many more to come. Much love, Gillian and Oli! :<3::tort:
  10. Gillian M

    Tort Is Restless

    Hi everybody. Oli has been extremely restless lately. He keeps struggling and fighting trying to get out of his enclosure till the moment he falls asleep. I soak him daily, I hand feed him because he won't eat otherwise, his light is on almost all the time. I even give him lettuce - his...
  11. Gillian M

    A Tortoise Or A Giraffe?

    Hi all, at Off The Topic Chit chat. :D I was looking at extremely funny, but sweet pics.. :<3: I found this one, but am undecided on one little thing (please notice "little" here). ** ;) ** Is it a tort or a giraffe? Personally I do not know. Therefore I'd suggest VOTING, alright? :D...
  12. Gillian M

    It's Michaela's Birthday!

    Dear Michaela, Lots of love, Gillian and Oli! :<3:
  13. Gillian M

    What Is Wrong With The System?

    Hi everyone. I have recently been receiving the same thread "millions" of times. There's definitely something wrong with the system. Here is an example: ay hyfryhr09 started a thread called 美国毕业证代办/布兰迪斯大学Brandeis学历办理/Q微744043126代办美国Brandeis毕业证/Brandeis学位证成绩单制作/文凭代办Brandeis University...
  14. Gillian M

    Oli Sleeps When It Is Hot

    Hi everyone. I have recently noticed that Oli tends to fall into deep sleep when it is warm/hot and he remains wide awake when it's literally freezing cold. The matter has somewhat kept all sorts of thing racing through my mind. We all know for a fact that reptiles hibernate in Winter, even if...
  15. Gillian M


    A friend of mine came over with SURPRISE me: a tiny little tort. Obviously she does not know that torts do NOT co-exist. I took the tort and gave him/her a warm soak in water immediately. Here's a pic of the tort. What species is he/she? I know one cannot tell the gender of a tort when...
  16. Gillian M


    Hi. Has anyone heard from @MaryandTrouble ? Have not seen here around for VERY long. It seems to me that she has left the forum. I tried to send her a PM today, very many times. However, the system would not take her name. Therefore I thought: "This confirms that she's ANOTHER one who has left...
  17. Gillian M


    Hi all. I give Oli a daily soak no matter how cold it is, so as to avoid pyramiding and dehydration; due to the fact that I live in Jordan where the climate is extremely dry. He enjoys his soaks so long as the water is warm. I also spray Oli's enclosure with water each and every day. My...
  18. Gillian M

    ...And MORE Birthdays!!!

    @biyeshengplay @Douglas Yardley @Jjjjjjj @JrTheTortoise @Phoenix-1 @sara M82 Wishing you all VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAYS and many more to come! :) Love, Gillian and Oli! :<3:
  19. Gillian M

    It Is Yelloweyed's Birthday!

    @Yelloweyed ! Enjoy it. :D Love, Gillian and Oli! :<3:
  20. Gillian M

    Something's Wrong With Posts/Threads

    Hi. Sorry, was not sure where to post this thread. I've noticed lately that there's something wrong at TFO with threads, post, alerts I receive. Today, for example I received the same thread TWICE. When I receive alerts, if the are for example 30 NEW ones, I come to find that they are only...