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  1. Merrick

    Found this device that lets you record temperature data overtime probably going to get one and see what the ambient temps are near where I want my new outdoor enclosure over the course of a day.
  2. Merrick

    Tortoise Forum Podcast

    what do you guys think if the members of the tortoise forum did a podcast for youtube to spread the word farther about the proper care of our shelled friends and maybe some other topics like conservation or something like that Has this been discussed before
  3. Merrick

    Drying leaves for tortoises

    Anyone done this if so how? I have read that you can put dried leaves on tortoises mazuri for the winter when some plants don't grow
  4. Merrick

    Tortoise on lap

    It seems a lot of people put their tortoise on their lap I always thought that was a bad idea. What do you think
  5. Merrick

    Show your tank/fish

    My 35 gal hoping to put in some corydoras and an angelfish or two
  6. Merrick

    Mexico has a special way to protect sea turtles

    (Go to the part that says mexico)
  7. Merrick

    Is this guy a hypo?

  8. Merrick

    Radiated Lecture

    I am giving a lecture on the Radiated Tortoise is their anything I should say besides the basic (I.e. size, range etc. )
  9. Merrick

    Radiata vs spiders

    Why are radiateds so much more expensive than spider tortoises if their are more being bred in the U.S.?
  10. Merrick

    Hermann's tortoise diet

    So I was thinking about hermann's diet and thought this would be good Day 1: mazuri and dried herb mix plus some weeds Day 2: produce (like collard greens and dandelion greens plus leaves like mulberry) and some weeds Repeat Any thoughts PS this is for a juvenile Herrmann's
  11. Merrick

    Produce for people

    What are your thoughts on produce for torts whether it be home grown or bought at the store?
  12. Merrick

    Look how yellow this little red is!!

    Young red foot found out in my cousin's red foot pen
  13. Merrick

    Leaving and tortoises

    Zenoandthetortoise thread got me thinking since toetoises live so long when people lose interest in the forum do they lose interest in their tortoise or just not post. Really what I am asking is what happens to those who leave?