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  1. Terrapin

    In over my head with Box Turtle!

    Well I'm a year in to my stewardship with him and he used to eat just about everything put down for him. I miss that. He has buried himself now for the past five days. Even when I don't see him I leave food out for him. I got my order of horn worms, silk worms and such yesterday. Hopefully...
  2. Terrapin

    In over my head with Box Turtle!

    Well hopefully I can get him interested in some new kinds of live munchies
  3. Terrapin

    In over my head with Box Turtle!

    Yeah, that probably plays a lot into it. I am going to set something up this Sunday to give him some Sunshine time. I also ordered some Hornworms, silkworms and some other goodies to offer him and the other wiggly eating kids as well.
  4. Terrapin

    In over my head with Box Turtle!

    I don't really want to "get rid" of him. I just want him to have a healthy happy life and I worry about him. (As I do with all my wee critters)
  5. Terrapin

    In over my head with Box Turtle!

    This is my cranky problematic box turtle Cardboard. I adopted him over a year ago and when he first came home he ate ALL THE THINGS. He was eager to try the variety of goodies I put on his plate. But over time he became increasingly disinterested in all but live food. Now for the past four...
  6. Terrapin

    Tusya Torty <3 his towel

    :) thank you [hr] Awww what a sweety
  7. Terrapin

    Tusya Torty <3 his towel

    Thanks everyone for nice comments and. Haidao88 your little Mario is a real cutie. :)
  8. Terrapin

    Tusya Torty <3 his towel

    He really enjoys it. Maybe because its green
  9. Terrapin

    Bath time

  10. Terrapin

    Is this normal?

    I sorta figured that he's still adjusting. And it isn't like he hasn't eaten at all since he's been here only skipped last couple days. I just wanted to check in and make sure. I'm new torty mom so of course over attentive. :)
  11. Terrapin

    Can they feel their shell.

    This is interesting, I wonder that too. I noticed that when Tusya was having his soak the other day he seemed to stretch out and relax more when I started gently wiping his shell with a warm wet paper towel.
  12. Terrapin

    Is this normal?

    Cool end of enclosure is currently 75deg I am using 100watt Powersun.
  13. Terrapin

    Is this normal?

    Humidity in my home has been around 60 right now 65.% in the enclosure. Only the UV is low the other two lights are higher. the lights are only over the warm end, where he is buried. What is generating the high temps in the house is the 90 degree weather. I will try running the air at a lower...
  14. Terrapin

    Is this normal?

    So info first. Tusya my little adult Russian tortoise has been with me two weeks now after being shipped ala FedEx from ATC (the Arizona tortoise compound). He is in a 6x4 indoor enclosure with basking light temp at 90-100. The area gets medium light in the day and I have two additional 60wat...
  15. Terrapin

    Looking for tortoise owners from Texas

    New tort caretaker here in Leander.
  16. Terrapin

    this is Tusya

    I will have to stop by home depot and check the bag as I am not getting much help from Google.
  17. Terrapin

    my Tortoise Mom 's day gift

    My little Tusya arrived Wednesday and has up until today spent most of his time buried. (I attribute that to stress from his trip.) Today after his hearty breakfast he actually began to bask instead of digging back into the dirt! Yay! And is still stretched out above ground even now. :)
  18. Terrapin

    How often do I add calcium supplement?

    thanks I have at least an idea how often now
  19. Terrapin

    from Bare Bones to one bulb short of finished

    These additions were made before little Tusya moved in.