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  1. Zeldee

    Tortoise worm count

    Hi all. Do you get a worm count regurarly? sue x
  2. Zeldee

    I have just been told that I am doing everything wrong!

    I met today with a lady that has her first tortoise. Hers is a hamans. I have a Russian. We basically have young tortoises of the same age. She told me that shell size is not an indicator of how much time they should be in the sun outside. She also told me it is a myth that soaking allows a...
  3. Zeldee

    UK Keepers and hay

    Has anyone fed horse hay pellets to their Russians? I have seen a lot of people on line doing this. Any success ? was thinking of making the pellet into much with water and adding the foods I really want her to eat with a little of the favourites on the edges
  4. Zeldee

    New to tortoise

    Hi all. I have got my Russian just over a week ago. She is doing really well and her name is Betty x
  5. Zeldee

    New to my tortoise

    Hello all I have just got a horsefield tortoise. She is 10 months old. I have a tortoise table with a Acadia D3 basking lamp. It is UVA UBA. I’m currently feeding her with dandelion leaves, plantain and clover. Tomorrow I will add something else that looks good (and tortoise friendly) out of my...