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  1. Kenno

    Babysitting help please!

    Friends have asked if I can take care of a new hatchling CDT for five days. Sounds like fun but I take this very seriously! I need advice on hatchling care! Thanks
  2. Kenno

    CDT health scare

    Alex gave us a good scare. He was lethargic but awake yesterday and didn’t’ move from one spot. He was doing wide yawns and alternating whistles, gasps, and hisses. I looked deep in his mouth and throat and it looked clear, but his neck seemed swollen. I fed him some tiny bites of lettuce and...
  3. Kenno

    CDT not doing well post op

    Hercules had a very large bladder stone removed on May 2nd. He was weak when he came home but he seemed to be recovering. Almost every other day he was less active and had less appetite, but on the other days he seemed to be OK. Now he has has several low energy days in a row and today he...
  4. Kenno

    Tortoise yoga

    Duncan, age 100-ish, doing morning yoga on the tile porch. Let's call this one "Twisted Tortoise posture."
  5. Kenno

    Hercules, preoperatively

    Hercules is scheduled for bladder stone removal on Monday morning.
  6. Kenno

    Desert torts up for a drink

    Duncan and Hercules are enjoying a sunny day between rainstorms in Southern California. It's not unusual for them to come out and drink from puddles, then return to the burrow to hibernate until April. I make sure they stay dry in the burrow. It's nice to see them, I miss them during their...
  7. Kenno

    Hercules' Thanksgiving Feast

    Hercules is a Desert Tort who doesn't really hibernate. He comes out and eats grass every day, and usually crawls into his water dish fir a drink and a soak. We indulged him with a little lettuce, a few carrot shreds, and a couple of dandelions on Thanksgiving and he seemed to enjoy it!
  8. Kenno


    Duncan gets a few shredded carrots to help him store fat for hibernation. He goes into the burrow at the middle of October and stays down for four months. He is at least 80 years old.
  9. Kenno

    Summer fun

    Two desert torts enjoying the sprinkler
  10. Kenno

    Human kindness: overflowing! I

    I take care of three rescued adult desert torts. Last year at a routine checkup, I learned that Hercules has a very large bladder stone. He showed no symptoms, so I decided to watch and wait. Last week he wasn't walking well and had little appetite. One day he seemed agitated and uncoordinated...
  11. Kenno

    Alex the climber

    I thought this potted plant was too heavy for him!
  12. Kenno

    Out of hibernation

    Here's Hercules wading in his water dish, with a wet face after a long drink.
  13. Kenno

    Can this be comfortable?

    Alex slept in this position last night.
  14. Kenno

    Hello, That's Duncan in my avatar picture

    Early this year (2014) I agreed to take over the care of three male Desert Tortoises. The previous 'owner' of Duncan had cared for him for a full fifty years, and he and Duncan were teens when they met. Duncan is probably about 65 years old! Duncan is pretty savvy and established himself at...