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    Monthly photo contest! (May-flowers)

    RE: Monthly photo contest! Awww man, just missed it!! Is there one for June, too, by chance...? :)
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    Indoor setup

    Very beautiful outdoor setup, Terryo! Here's a link to the old thread on my indoor enclosure:
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    I don't know for sure, I've just read that before...maybe it has to do with liver/kidney function? :)
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    I'm gun-shy about hibernation in general, so it might bear waiting for others to respond, too...but I've heard that even people comfortable with hibernating don't typically hibernate hatchlings for the first year (or few), they just bring them in over the winter; I think the young ones are more...
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    Newly Finished Indoor EBT Enclosure for Winters

    Just an update now that the grass has grown in a little: [hr] [hr] I think that next spring I might try to plant honeysuckle along the back wall to fill it in, but I'll have to research that; I don't know anything about how it well it would do...
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    Turtle Ramp for Water Dish

    Here's another forum post I found discussing something similar: As for me, I've used a ZooMed Repti Ramp dish for the whole time I've had mine; I just filled it with gravel when he was a hatchling to make sure that it...
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    Pill bug colony

    Here's a link from new England herpetoculture: They sell a starter colony and some food for them; that's the 'sterile' way to do it, although I'm sure you could go outside and harvest your own. I ordered mine from them and got them quickly and with lots...
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    Baby box turtle help!

    Congrats, good luck with them! Same thing as the others have said, UVB/heat and super-humid to semi-aquatic setup worked for me...I fed cut up worms (of all kinds, just make sure they're tiny and wiggling!), and after a few weeks I had a lot of success with small crickets, too (that's fun to...
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    Newly Finished Indoor EBT Enclosure for Winters

    Thanks very much everyone, I really appreciate it! :) I'll post some more pics in a day or so when the grass fills in more...does anyone have any tips on that, by chance? It's coming up really quickly but I think it's a little sparse right now; think I should try re-seeding it, or will it...
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    Newly Finished Indoor EBT Enclosure for Winters

    Thanks, I'm sure hoping so; it was a JOB building it, haha!
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    Indoor Setup

    When mine was a hatchling, I used a 40gal tank and lined the outside bottom quarter of it with cork; it didn't look bad to us, and prevented the possibility of stress for him. I never had any problem with nose rubbing, ect. Of course, others don't seem to have problems even without that, just a...
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    Newly Finished Indoor EBT Enclosure for Winters

    Thanks! Yes, all of the big ones are Petco specials :), the $2 ones that are safe for reptiles; I've just had them for about a year so they've grown up a bit. I also planted some tortoise grazing mix sporadically all over it; it's coming up pretty nicely so far! I don't know how much of that...
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    Newly Finished Indoor EBT Enclosure for Winters

    Thanks, I appreciate it! :)
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    Newly Finished Indoor EBT Enclosure for Winters

    Thanks!! Kinda overkill, I know; I just figured it'd be cheaper to do it once all the way than to keep coming up with different least that was the initial idea anyway, haha! I think the grasses will take enough to let him check it out this weekend; he may bulldoze it all flat, but...
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    Newly Finished Indoor EBT Enclosure for Winters

    Ok, I was trying to wait until the grass had grown in, but I couldn’t stand it! So, here’s my 6 x 2 x 2 indoor enclosure for winters. First, here’s some pics of Bug, my 4 yr old EBT: And, here’s some pics of the finished enclosure: I did a hydroton pellet/mesh...
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    My new box turtle

    Here you go, it's broken into 4 different 15min episodes: And if for some reason that doesn't work, here's where I found the link to it :) : Really interesting things he...
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    Yearling ornate & pregnant wife any real risks?

    Just another thought on this one; I'd say there have to be plenty of people on here who grew up playing with "wild" turtles...I sure did, it's part of the reason I'm so fond of them now! (as well as anything else I found that would hold still long enough for me to check it out :) ) I can't say...