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  1. mattk

    under dirt

    My box turtle does that all the time. She usually buries herself under the water dish and all I usually see at times is her pretty little head sticking out
  2. mattk


    Hello everyone. Just a quick ? I was cleaning my red foots enclosure the other day and had a surprise a bunch of little bugs in there. I got to looking at them and they are pinhead crickets. I guess when I was feeding my frogs some must have jumped into my redfoots place. Will the red foots eat...
  3. mattk

    female eastern box turtles

    That's good to know. Hopefully once I am able to take mine outside she will brighten up some.
  4. mattk

    female eastern box turtles

    Thanks everyone. I'm going to be building her pen outside soon. What would be a good sized on for a box turtle
  5. mattk

    my cats

    Lol I'm waiting for misty to fall thru one day. See kind of a scaredy cat anyway so I think it will be a big shock for her
  6. mattk

    my cats

    thanks. Gibbs and jenny love boxes so very much. as soon as we put one down they are right there lol
  7. mattk

    my cats

    Just wanted to share a few pics of part of my family. first is misty she is the protector of the red foot tank. next is gibb. He is such a big baby plus he kind of reminds me of a skunk with the stripe on his back. and last but def not least is jenny.
  8. mattk

    Newest addition

    Thanks. Only thing is she's learning how to whine like her big brother Gibbs, he is such a whiner
  9. mattk

    My cats :)

    Very beautiful cats. I have 3 one is 3 yrs old a 11 month old and a 3 month old
  10. mattk

    female eastern box turtles

    Sorry that is what i meant really washed out to the point the sunbursts are a very dirty white. she has no yellow or any bright colors on her at all. I was thinking the same thing about it might be because she didnt get a lot of sunlight. i just adopted her and i think that she was kept inside...
  11. mattk

    female eastern box turtles

    WOW very beautiful box turtles u have there. here are a few pics of mine she has absolutely no yellow in here any where.
  12. mattk

    female eastern box turtles

    I have an eastern box turtle a female who has absoutly no color on her. her pics are in another thread i posted earlier. does anyone have any pics of female easterns. also i know some say females are not as colorful but mine has no color at all.
  13. mattk

    New red foot tortoise

    Welcome to the forum
  14. mattk

    need help with id

    That's kind of what I though after doing some reading here. I also am positive she is cb as she does have a little bit of paramiding not much but there is some. She will be going outside this summer in a nice big pen.
  15. mattk

    need help with id

    Thanks. She is very friendly and sweet. Just wish she was more colorful lol. I live right on the edge of some woods and I do know there is a very good looking male that lives there at least I think he still does. I haven't seen him but once or twice this summer. Hopefully he is still around I...
  16. mattk

    female yellowfoots in chicago

    Wow they look nice. To bad I live to far away.
  17. mattk

    Delaware Tortoise Clubs?

    Lol I know what you mean all my friends think I'm kind of weird for keeping reptile in general. My wife even says I'm a bit strange.
  18. mattk

    need help with id

    Thanks. She doesnt really have any color like all the easterns I have seen before. She has no orange or yellow in her at all. She does have a bit of paramiding on her but its not to bad.
  19. mattk

    need help with id

    hello everyone. i just was given this box turtle by the pet store i am helping out setting up thier reptile room. they took her in from someone who could no longer take care of her. the pet store doesnt realy know much about her or how to take care of her so they asked if i would like her as...
  20. mattk

    New little hinge