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  1. tortoises101

    Buying an adult tegu

    Some people recommend buying a juvenile tegu at first because they're easier to tame and referred to as "clean slates." The only Canadian breeder I know of has to wait until August or September to get hatchlings. I cannot seem to find juvenile Argentine black and whites (one person claimed to...
  2. tortoises101

    Argentine black and white or red tegu in Canada

    Looking for a either a male Argentine black and white or red tegu that must be under a year old. Must be CB and I will ask for pics, ask about your enclosure, diet, etc. I've been looking for these guys for months, but all I can find are columbians. /: The only breeder I know of is out of stock...
  3. tortoises101

    Terrible, tortoise smuggling
  4. tortoises101

    Tegu substrate

    Right now I'm planning on using a biological substrate with live plants, but I will switch to a 50/50 soil/dirt mix when he matures, as tegus have a tendency to tear and uproot live plants. Without live plants, I can't really have a biological substrate. How often would the soil/dirt mix need to...
  5. tortoises101

    Replacing ground turkey with ground beef?

    I've read that ground turkey should be a staple meat for tegus. However, I can't find ground turkey anywhere here. Ground beef on the other hand, is readily available and very cheap. Comparing the nutritional values, the only difference I see is more amino acid in turkey (I can make up for this...
  6. tortoises101

    Can this cage support the weight of a tegu enclosure? In the future I will be getting an Argentine black and white tegu for my first lizard. I'll be making a DIY 8x5x3 enclosure. I like the design of this DIY, but I'm wondering if it can support the weight of a 12" substrate...
  7. tortoises101

    Radiated tortoise outdoor enclosure

    Found a South African's outdoor radiated habitat and I gotta say, it looks amazing.
  8. tortoises101

    Special needs for stars?

    I'm interested in getting an Indian star tortoise as a first tortoise soon. I've committed myself to many hours of comprehensive research and planning. I know the high fibre, high calcium, low protein and sugar diet, their temps, humidity, lighting, etc. I have located several sources for plant...
  9. tortoises101

    Horrible: live turtles in keychains being sold in China
  10. tortoises101

    Spider tortoise spiralling towards extinction
  11. tortoises101

    Aldabra tortoise video

    The aldabra tortoise segment is from 8:05 to 13:29. A mere five minutes but a valuable piece of natural history.
  12. tortoises101

    Northern river terrapin breeding success;_ylt=A2KJjag6e9dPgTcA6iDQtDMD This story gives me hope for not only the northern river terrapin but for all endangered species. :D
  13. tortoises101

    Very simple way to support chelonian conservation

    I've started a thread like this a while ago, but this time I would like to see it go under the "Important Threads" section. The world's turtles and tortoises are in serious trouble and this is a great opportunity to raise money without doing too much. It would be a shame for this thread to be...
  14. tortoises101

    Very simple way to support turtle conservation

    The Yahoo powered search engine will donate 1 cent to the Turtle Survival Alliance for every search that you do on the Internet. All you have to do is go under the search bar and fill in your charity organization (Turtle Survival Alliance) and every penny will go to worldwide...
  15. tortoises101

    Ploughshare tortoise conservation
  16. tortoises101

    TSA Europe places rescued turtles More smuggling of endangered species. #&$#&[email protected]^%@@|3#!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haven't Madagascar's and Asia's tortoise populations been raped hard enough already??? Something needs to be done about this tragedy. At least the TSA...
  17. tortoises101

    Galapagos torts for zoos

    I support the idea. Though I'm against removing animals from the wild (yes I'm a hypocrite) I do think that zoos will help bring attention to conserving the Galapagos archipelago. I do understand the tourism problem, but in the long run, bringing attention to conservation is the better draw IMO.
  18. tortoises101

    Egg teeth

    I've heard on a thread regarding sullies that certain species can hold them for months. How long does an egg tooth last? (I would prefer an answer for each species like redfoots, sullies, hermann's, etc)
  19. tortoises101

    Has anyone tried ZooMed Banquet Tortoise Block?

    Looks pretty good, especially since you don't have to remove anything from it.
  20. tortoises101

    Cambodia offers a home for one of the largest freshwater turtles in the world Kratie, Cambodia — One hundred miles northeast of the capital city of Phnom Pehn, scientists from Conservation International (CI) have partnered with local Buddhist monks...