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  1. BentoNeko

    My Eastern Box turtles front legs seem to be rubbed raw?

    Hi everyone! So my box turtle is about a year and a half old, when i picked her up the other day, I noticed her legs were considerably paler on the parts that she uses to wipe her face if she gets food in her face. It seems as though shes rubbed that part of her legs raw... any ideas on whats...
  2. BentoNeko

    Best cheap UVB light bulb? :)

    Hi guys!! So i've been looking at multiple variations of UVB lights on blogs and all that,and they are seem to be $50 0r more!! Any recommendations for good bulbs thatll keep my turtle healthy but ones that are cheaper than $50?
  3. BentoNeko

    Looking to Purchase a Russian Tortoise

    Does anyone know any good breeders that sell Russian tortoises? I think theyre so cute and ive been researching for months, so I would love to have one!
  4. BentoNeko

    Here's my Eastern Boxie Enclosure! How can I improve?

    Hello everyone! Here is a picture of my one year old Eastern box turtles enclosure! I'm wanting to give it a makeover and make it better for her! I was hoping you guys would comment and tell me how i can improve! Her substrate is a mixture of top soil and sand, but I was thinking of adding...
  5. BentoNeko

    Best cheap substrate?

    What do you guys think is the best & cheapest substrate for Eastern box turtles? Mines a year old by the way! :D
  6. BentoNeko

    Distilled Water? Year old Eastern Boxie Not very Active

    I have a year old female Eastern Box turtle! Here lately she seems to be very lethargic. I went away for about a month and left her in the care of my relatives who started giving her distilled water. I've heard distilled water is very, very bad for them! Could that be why shes been so immobile...