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  1. Biff Malibu

    7 year old male Sulcata for adoption - Torrance, California

    I have a male Sulcata (Frank), 7 years old, about 60 pounds, which I must regretfully put up for adoption. The tortoise is located in South Torrance, California (Los Angeles, Area code 90505). He is perfectly healthy - and would come with a great custom enclosure and heat mat, which cost around...
  2. Biff Malibu

    Professor Chaos Update

    Thought I would share an update on professor chaos. The new picture is "him" at about one year after I got him. He's been growing pretty well and the shell looks pretty smooth. Thanks to everyone on the forum for your tips and help for Sulcata care. -Biff
  3. Biff Malibu

    Best brand of MVB Bulb?

    I read the reviews online about the Zoo Med Powersun, and I thought that the life expectancy was because of improper setup on the user part. I set it up with the right housing, and a direct line (no rheostat). I took special care in touching the glass. The bulb also has a 15-min reset if it gets...
  4. Biff Malibu

    Geting Cold Outside ... Nap Time.

    The Professor taking a nap in the sun. Love it when they do this.
  5. Biff Malibu

    ZooMed ReptiTemp 500R Owners - couple questions

    I'm running a 100w ceramic heat emitter, in a 40-gal rectangular tank, for a 6 month old Sulcata. Question 1) Where do you put the probe in your tank? Question 2) Where do you adjust your dial to? (If you're in the so-cal area) for reference, it is 75 degrees in my room right now, hard to...
  6. Biff Malibu

    Bulb Question for The Professor

    I upgraded The Professor from the "red heat bulb" to a Ceramic Heat emitter. It's weird that a lot of pet stores don't carry these. I was also wonder if I should upgrade his day bulb. Right now I'm using just a zoo med basking bulb...
  7. Biff Malibu

    Professor Chaos Glamourous Photographs

  8. Biff Malibu

    Questions about behavior with water / picky eating

    The professor seems to be progressing along just fine. He looks healthy, happy and smooth. I have a few weird things going on though that I want some input on. 1) I tried putting a small terra cotta saucer in his tank for water access. He DOES NOT EVER drink it. He usually stomps around it...
  9. Biff Malibu

    Can a sulcata defend itself from a racoon?

    If so, about at what age? If not, what protection from neighborhood scavengers can you provide for it?
  10. Biff Malibu

    Sulcata Temp Outside Enclosure

    Day 1 progress on my 3 Month Sulcata's "Sun Enclosure". I'm still working on smoothing out the inner area (natural potting soil) and shaping the top "wire mesh" to lay over the top to keep other (potential) animals out. I'm only using this so he can go out in the sun for about an hour or so a...
  11. Biff Malibu

    Any ones sulcata hatchling do this?

    Hang out with their arms on the edge of the pool?
  12. Biff Malibu

    What is the most safe heat source for outdoor enclosures?

    Running electrical devices like lamps have their obvious fire hazards, and even running something like a heatpad or heatrope I heard can have glitches and possibly burn a tortoises underside. What are people using that they believe is the safest way to set up an adult sulcata with an outdoor...
  13. Biff Malibu

    Lance from IL - Sulcata Missing,0,2684057.story
  14. Biff Malibu

    Professor Chaos's Man Cave

    I just wanted to share this because after handcrafting his humid hide box I finally spotted him using it. I guess he likes it! I like how he's 1/2 in and 1/2 out. LOL :D
  15. Biff Malibu

    Sulcata Transport - Temperatures

    I live in Southern California - it never really gets too cold out here. There's a place locally that does Turtle Racing Thursday nights and when Prof Chaos gets older I would like to take him. (1) How do you transport your tortoise in your car...
  16. Biff Malibu

    Sulcata Tort - Y U FLIP ON BACK?????????????

    Professor Chaos seems to be finding weird ways to flip on his back. There's not much in his tank for him to flip himself with, but he seems to find a way. I've walked in on him twice today in a flipped over position (not near his basking lamp). The second time he appeared to be digging down in...
  17. Biff Malibu

    Crazed Sulcata Eating Coco Fiber

    I feed him a nice fresh turtle salad every day. Why is he eating the coco fiber? It's not a massive amount, but I'm sure its not good digestive material. I would imagine its something like what would happen if I ate a rope.
  18. Biff Malibu

    Messy Sulcata Hatchling Question

    My Sulcata Hatchling seems to make a mess of his food (spring mix, collared greens, bok choy etc....) spreading it all around his tank. It's ridiculously hard to sift out the greens from coconut fiber. Is it imperative that I sift it out? Or is it OK to bury it and mix in with the Coco...
  19. Biff Malibu

    Sulcata Tort - Heating Question - Hatchling Question

    I would first like to say that this forum is great. Looks like a lot of active members and great information. SO - I'm sure I may ask a few things that have been answered over and over again to people on the forum - BUT - I am doing it for the benefit of my turtle so that he receives the best...
  20. Biff Malibu

    "Newb" from So-Cal - Introducing Professor Chaos the Sulcata

    This is my baby Sulcata Tortoise "Professor Chaos" taking his soak for the day. I joined the site because from what I read online and hear from people - There is a lot of conflicting information regarding Sulcata Tortoise care. I currently feed it (obviously I don't know the sex, but...