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  1. TennisGecko

    Russian Tort Enclosure Help

    Hi Im looking into building a new tortoise enclosure as for mine is waaaaaay too small for my Russian Tort Donnie. Would 5 foot across and 2 foot Wide be enough and the sides would be 2 feet high also he get's out daily for a walk in the reptile room. What kind of wood should I use too make it...
  2. TennisGecko

    I finally Got Him!!!

    I finally got my Russian Tort, He is very Adorable and He is doing just fine, I estimate He is around 1 or 5 Cause he is still small but some males are anyway and his shell still looks great, I ended up getting him at a petstore cause he looked like he was well taken care of also what the vet...
  3. TennisGecko

    Homemade Tort Enclosure???

    My Mom is spectical about a Homemade Tort Enclosure, I want to make one out of wood but she think it will be a decision Because of the smell when it goes to the bathroom, is this true or would it be fine, if not then what should i do im afaid to get a tank like she wants me too cause of humidity...
  4. TennisGecko

    Tortie Newbie

    i I'm new and I have question about my future Torrie I'm getting! I really want one of these since I think they would fit me right Russian Tort or Red Foot (or Cherry head). I think one of those would be great for me, it will be my birthday Present, I have lots of Geckos right now and I always...