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    Toby the Berlandier's tortoise will receive a 3D printed prosthetic gular horn

    Details here:
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    New blog post: Tortoises Through the Eyes of a Biologist, Part IV - Social Behaviors & Communication

    Last blog post of my 4-part series:
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    Tortoises Through the Eyes of a Biologist PART III (Physiological Ecology)

    New blog post, part 3 of 4:
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    Tortoises Through the Eyes of a Biologist PART II (Life History)

    I've posted part II of this four-part blog series:
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    10 Most Fascinating Tortoises of 2014

    Did your tortoise make the list?
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    Tortoises Through the Eyes of a Biologist: What Can Wild Tortoises Tell Us About Our Pets? (Part I)

    I've posted a new blog on my website: Tortoises Through the Eyes of a Biologist: What Can Wild Tortoises Tell Us About Our Pets? Part I - Evolutionary History Over a four-part series of blogs, I discuss aspects of the biology of wild tortoises – including evolutionary history, life history...
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    New book on Gopherus - Biology and Conservation of North American Tortoises

    A new book on the Gopherus tortoises - Biology and Conservation of North American Tortoises - will be available on July 3rd, 2014 from ( Providing the first comprehensive treatment of North America’s tortoises, Biology and...
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    New hatchling Forsten's tortoise!

    I'm very excited about the new addition to my family - a hatchling Forsten's tortoise from ATC! I'm especially impressed with the size of this hatchling - his carapace length is around 65 mm..
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    First DNA samples taken from wild pancake tortoises

    Here I go with more shameless self-promotion ;-)
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    Emerging From Their Shells

    I forgot to share this...
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    Ringing In The New Year With 6 Tiny Turtle Hatchlings
  12. chelonologist website updated

    Lots of new information on the website:
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    Dalmatian tortoise yearlings

    I'm offering two yearling Dalmatian tortoises (Testudo hermanni hercegovinensis). These are CB2010 animals that were produced by Bill Curtis, and are the F1 offspring of farm-raised adults imported from Slovenia. Each are very healthy, active, and great eaters. Lately they've been enjoying the...
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    Sexual behavior in a female (?) Hermann's tortoise

    I have a four-year old western Hermann's tortoise (from HermanniChris) that was incubated for female, and at just over four inches shows female characteristics. Today I found her mounting a female marginated tortoise and simulating copulation with her, bumping her shell and even letting out...
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    Best tortoise species for personality?

    Hey all, I'm taking a break from studying to pose a question I've been pondering. I'm wondering what everyone's favorite tortoise species is for personality. My top three are: Desert tortoise Hermann's tortoise Bell's hingeback tortoise These guys make me smile on a daily basis...
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    Leopard nested tonight. Now what?

    I'm caring for a friend's reptiles while he's overseas on vacation. Tonight his female leopard tortoise laid eggs in his back yard (in a nest I watched her dig and deposit her clutch in). Here's my question: do I leave the eggs to incubate in the ground or should I dig them up and incubate them...
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    Subadult Male Leopard Tortoise

    I have a subadult male leopard tortoise for sale. He is just over 8 inches in length and is a happy, healthy, and heavy boy. I'd prefer local pick-up in southern California. I'll also be attending the Pasadena Reptile Show this weekend and can bring him if anyone is interested. Asking $200.00.
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    Sleepy hatchling

    I've kept a number of different tortoise species, but it seems my radiated hatchling is much sleepier than any of my other tortoises, which I also raised from hatchlings. I know all hatchlings are sleepy to a certain extent, but my radiated seems SUPER sleepy compared to the others. He appears...
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    Introducing Minnesota Flats

    My new pancake, chillin' in his new home. His enclosure is full of rock caves and crevices, and believe me - he's taking advantage of the hiding opportunities![hr] Lemme try adding that photo again...
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    portable/collapsible pen?

    Can anyone refer me to some threads here that depict a portable wire pen to place in the yard to allow tortoises grazing opportunities? I have a friend that needs to get their tortoise out for 'walks' in the yard, and I want to show them a pen design. Something portable that can be positioned...