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  1. Mojo's Mom

    Jupiter Still Won't Eat

    My Brazilian Rainbow Boa, Jupiter, still won't eat. Whenever he sheds, he will stop eating, and I know that is sort of normal. But this time around, he quit eating even after his shed cycle was finished. We bumped up the humidity in his cage to help with the shedding issues, and he still is...
  2. Mojo's Mom

    Eating Problems

    Okay, a little while ago I got a snake. It's a Brazilian Rainbow Boa, and he's still pretty small. We've had him for probably for little under a month. He started shedding last week, and he didn't eat. This week I offered some food, and he still didn't eat. He looked almost done, we found his...
  3. Mojo's Mom

    Small Snake Species List

    Okay, so I was talking to my family and they all agreed it would be okay to get a snake as long as it was a smaller one. Nothing like an Anaconda (well, that's obvious;)) but realistically nothing like a Columbian Boa or anything that gets over you know, like eight feet. So that really...
  4. Mojo's Mom

    Albino Leopard Gecko

    Hi there! Yes, I am still around, things just have been busy and I haven't been able to log on and check stuff out. Anyways, when we went to the pet store to pick up crickets for my leopard gecko, Incognito early and when I was glancing at the other leopard geckos I saw this one with red eyes...
  5. Mojo's Mom

    Ball Python Morphs

    I have heard that for ball pythons that there are way too many morphs to list... But I was wondering if someone would be willing to list a few with pictures and we can from that construct a list. Thanks...Good Luck!:P
  6. Mojo's Mom

    Motley Boa

    Okay, when we went in to get crickets for my gecko, Incognito, there weren't any at the usual place we go, so we went to the next one. There were only large there...and he eats small. So then, we got to the last petshop that we know of in town, and they have the right size. While we were...
  7. Mojo's Mom

    !First Shed Alert!

    Okay...Okay. I think my leopard gecko is going into his first shed. We have had him four months exactly, we adopted him on June 4th. He is still really young. I think his first shed because he is acting really strange and is in his moist hide. By strange I mean he is really, really still, but...
  8. Mojo's Mom

    Gopher Snakes

    As I have metioned previously, my newest interest is looking up random facts about snakes. I used to have a little Ball Python, but it died shortly after we got it, about three to six or months, it choaked on a mouse that was too big. I just love all animals and eventually I might want to add on...
  9. Mojo's Mom

    What Is It?

    I feel like I start most of my posts list way, but, I was bored and have been researching snakes. They are my latest google or bing or whatever search topic. I came across this beauty, what is it? (Fingers crossed picture comes up!) Thanks! I think it is a boa or something like that. Don't...
  10. Mojo's Mom

    Caimans in Kansas

    Sorry to all who where excited by the fact that caimans have been sighted in KS, it is not the next invasive species. I wonder though, could they put on ruby slippers to get back to South America :P (is that where they are from or Africa?) I was actually bored and was just looking at the...
  11. Mojo's Mom

    Smoke Intake?

    Okay everbody, I am sorry I dropped off the face of TFO for a while. I just forgot to get on it for a little bit, then...there is no easy way to say this, my house burned down. But we got everyone out, all the animals got out, and the rest is just stuff. Yes, there is things that cannot be...
  12. Mojo's Mom

    Health Issues Again

    Does everybody remember when I thought my tortoise wasn't eating? Well, he got better. But now he is leaning towards the bad side of tortoise health again. He was still not quite eating as much as when we first got him, but he was eating. Then all of a sudden all he would eat was blueberries...
  13. Mojo's Mom

    Possibly Not Eating?

    I'm worried that my tortoise is not eating. Every day it seems like when I take out the old food to put in the new there is the same amount. It started about two or three weeks ago. I stopped giving him as much because every like five days it would be a little noticable, so I thought I was over...
  14. Mojo's Mom

    ! New Family Member ! Needs a Name !

    I got a leopard gecko on the 4th. Still haven't had a good name for it. I haven't posted about it yet because I wanted to narrow down the names first. It was pretty timid the first few days. But it has gotten more used to life with me now. It has an interesting pattern (I'll have to get more...
  15. Mojo's Mom


    The humidity in my RF's enclosure is usually around 50. I was told I need to get it up. Also I read the pyramiding thread that Madkins007 wrote. I think my tort was already slightly pyramided when we got him, it is not noticable, but I think it's there, because his shell feels bumpy in several...
  16. Mojo's Mom


    I was curious why the :tort: sign was gray and there was never a new post on it since I joined. And even though I recently joined, there have been tons of new posts and threads. I researched a little and found out that the ones this forum focuses on require a permit. Is that why there...
  17. Mojo's Mom

    Vet Visits

    How often should you take your tort to the vet? I know like you're suposed to take them (or a sample of their poop) into the vet for parasite checks. But is that the only time you should as long as your tort is healthy?
  18. Mojo's Mom

    Emergency Stash

    I'm planning on having an emergency stash of medicines and vitamins and that sort of stuff under the cabinet thing that I keep my tort's enclosure on. That way if ever I'm gone and something happens or something happens while I'm there we have stuff on hand, so we won't be shopping in Walmart or...
  19. Mojo's Mom

    Improving the Diet

    First, I know that I need to improve my red-foot tort's diet. I know what I am feeding him isn't the very best for him and I want to feed him the good stuff. So if you could tell me some things to get so I can right them down I can get a combonation every week and give him something good...
  20. Mojo's Mom

    Cousin's Red-Eared Slider

    My cousin found a little red-eared slider while out walking recently. I was just curious is anybody could tell me about how to care for them so I can give them some tips. I don't exactly know what they are feeding it and what size of tank. The turtle is still really young, it probably isn't more...