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  1. Living Fossil

    90 Million Year Old Turtle

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  2. Living Fossil


    This is a great site. Even my Vet recommended it, after he gave my two boxes a check up last month. I've never been one to give my 2 oldest girls vitamins, because they used to eat pretty regularly. But now they seem to turn their noses up at everything but earthworms. I have a very large...
  3. Living Fossil

    My 7 Decade Old Eastern Box is Eating Again !

    Thanks for all your help and comments. Maxine, my 75 year oldish Eastern Box is eating again after a trip to the Vet. Check out my 3 other posts for more details about my girls in the Introduction Forum. (Nice Site) Also, I was wondering how to post a video of my indoor, two story Turtle Mansion...
  4. Living Fossil

    Nice Site

    Hi, I joined the forum because I need some advice for one of my turtles. My oldest is Maxine, she's an Eastern Box that I found in 1969 in Bucks County, PA. She was pretty old when I found her. I took her to a local Herpetologist and she said that she was probably born around World War 2. She...