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  1. LestatHIM

    Happy Birthday Baby Darwin!

    My baby Darwin turned one year old today! He's been the best reptile I have ever encountered and to this day impresses me like no other. I'm putting this compilation of pics up to honor him for being an awesome Cyclura cornuta!
  2. LestatHIM

    Shell Rot Fungus

    Does anyone know the specific species of fungus that cause shell rot?
  3. LestatHIM

    Looking For Early Signs of Pyramiding w/ Pics

    Hi everybody, I was wondering if anyone out there had some early pictures of pyramiding pics in a Sulcata? Specifically somewhere within the first year. Also, if anyone would like to add what some of the early signs are I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks! Matt
  4. LestatHIM

    Conclusions About Sulcata Hatchling Enclosure's Humidity Levels

    I've been experimenting recently with the humidity in my reptile room and just wanted to share my observations out loud. I have been trying to get adequate humidity levels for my Sulcata hatchling and haven't had much luck. A little background information. I live in Western Pennsylvania...
  5. LestatHIM

    Green Iguana Up For Adoption, Amazing Animal,

    Hi everyone. I wasn't sure where to put this so I figured I'd just start here. I have been tasked with re-homing a semi adult Green Iguana. The animal is from an abusive home and was in rough shape when he was turned over to me. Remarkably he has probably the best personality I have ever...
  6. LestatHIM

    Russian Hatchlings Anyone?

    Hey everyone! Is anyone having Russian Tortoises hatchlings this season?
  7. LestatHIM

    Substrate Inquiry

    Hi Everyone! I was wondering what exactly everyone prefers to use for a substrate? I know that different species have different needs, but is there something preferable? Also, I see a lot of people are using Top Soil and the likes as a substrate. Is this just the stuff they sell in 1.5...
  8. LestatHIM

    New Member Introduction

    Hey Everyone! My name is Matt and I'm located in Western PA in a little town called Ebensburg. I'm in academics and commute daily to Indiana University of Pennsylvania. I've been keeping and studying reptiles for quite sometime now and specialize primarily in the genus Cyclura within the...
  9. LestatHIM

    Wanted Russian Hatchlings

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for some hatchling Russian Tortoises. If you or someone you know has some and would like to part with them, please let me know! PM me thank you. Thanks! Matt