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  1. pam

    Need help please (where to buy pinkies)

    Does anyone know where the best place to buy frozen Small Pinkies on line is?
  2. pam

    Great deals on Zoo Med Eco Earth Compressed Coconut Fiber Expandable Substrate

    Pet Co is having some great deals Zoo Med Eco Earth Compressed Coconut Fiber Expandable Substrate Internet Price: $4.99 - $22.99 Today's Price: $2.49 - $11.49 (Save up to 50%) Shop All Products By Zoo Med Brick of compressed coconut fiber Expands to make seven to eight liters of substrate...
  3. pam

    Found something I couldn't live without at the Cold Blooded Expo today

    This is Pearl my Dream tortoise The vendor said she was two years old and she is a she :) I only have Russians so any advise would be greatly appreciated :) [hr] Could anyone tell me is she truly a female?
  4. pam

    painted turtle for adoption

    2 year old Painted turtle up for adoption with 30 gallon tank and supplies must live in Twin Cities area Minnesota (Free)
  5. pam

    minnesota reptile show

    Anyone going to the Minnesota Reptile show today? its at the Crown plaza hotel 3 Appletree Square Bloomington MN 55425 :) 10 am to 4 pm
  6. pam

    Tortoise first aid kit

    I am putting together a first aid kit for my tortoises. Please help me think of things I can put in it. Things that come to mind are Anti-Fungal cream Clotrimazole (Lotrimin AT) Bacterial cream- Terramycin or Acriflavine Styptic Powder to stop bleeding caused by clipping nails too short...
  7. pam

    Fun in the sun

    Natasha loves to spend some time in the water :)
  8. pam

    Calcium with vitamin D3

    Sometimes my tortoises dont like to take there calcium. They dont eat the greens I put it on :( well now I found something they cant resist :) dandelion flowers sprinkled with calcium it works great they eat it all up :)
  9. pam

    natural spring water

    We have a natural spring close by would it be ok to use that water in a 55 gallon fish tank for my Cichlids?
  10. pam

    Opuntia humifusa

    I was at a plant sale today and I purchased 4 western prickly pear cactus plants I just wanted to make sure my Russian tortoises can eat them. Are they safe for them to eat?
  11. pam


    I am in Florida visiting my Dad and he has the cactus pads my Russians love to eat. I want to bring some back home with me to Minnesota can you freeze them?
  12. pam

    Minnesota turtle ID

    This tortoise was in my friends back yard in Minnesota does anyone know what it is?
  13. pam

    edible plant ?

    Is this sedum edible for my Russian tortoises?
  14. pam

    Minnesota Reptile Show

    Today was my first experience at a Cold Blooded Expo (Minnesota Reptile show) There was a lot of interesting reptiles to be perchased and a lot of people there to buy them. I was amazed how fast the reptiles were being sold no questions asked they even had 3 baby alligators for $100.00 each they...
  15. pam

    can a Russian Tortoise eat this

    I dont know what kind of cactus this is but can a Russian Tortoise eat it?
  16. pam


    What causes the scutes to separate? I have a male Russian Tortoise not sure of his age I have owned him 9 months now he was purchased at Pet Co. His enclosure is a bookcase turned into a tortoise table its 6 foot by 2 1/2 foot. He eats a varity of greens, I mix TNT and Calcium with vitamin D3 in...
  17. pam


    Merry Christmas Eve I am new to this sight :) Looking forward to learing more about my russian tortoises :tort: