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  1. Ivankathetort

    Two story enclosure?

    I have a Russian tortoise who is about 4 inches and I am thinking about building her a new enclosure. I was thinking about doing a kiddie pool enclosure, but I was also wondering if I could do a two story. I know the enclosure are supposed to be 4x8 feet, but would it be all right to have a...
  2. Ivankathetort

    Is this shell okay?

    Is this shell okay? Is there anything I should do for it?
  3. Ivankathetort

    Can I use regular mulch?

    3 months ago I got a Russian tortoise named Ivanka. I am planning on getting her a bigger enclosure. I have been using cypress mulch from the pet store, but with a bigger enclosure I thought it would be hard to keep using that. Can I just use regular coarse mulch that you would use for...
  4. Ivankathetort

    How long should I keep my tortoise outside?

    My Russian tortoise Ivanka has an indoor enclosure, but it is small for a tortoise. We have a big porch with a gate on the front, and we put some boards on the gate so she can not get out. She had shade and sun, and I put out a plant saucer as a water bowl. Ivanka is about 5 years old. I have...
  5. Ivankathetort

    Unhappy Russian Tortoise?

    About two weeks ago, my Russian tortoise started seeming very unhappy. She spends almost all day under her log. When I do take her outside, she moves slowly. Also, I have only had Ivanka for about two months, but before this started she would let me approach her and touch her head. Now she puts...
  6. Ivankathetort

    Fruity Vitamin Pellets

    About 2 months ago I got a Russian tortoise named Ivanka. The pet store told us that we need to feed her 2-3 of the fruity vitamin pellets every day. I have tried to make them stick to the lettuce, but it doesn’t usually work. Even if it does stick, Ivanka will usually eat around it until she...
  7. Ivankathetort

    How to hold my Russian tortoise?

    I am 12 years old and I recently got a Russian tortoise named Ivanka. I have a food bowl for her that I put food in but she loves to sit in it, so I always have to lift her out. I also carry her outside to walk around and to the tub to soak in. Sometimes I also hold her and rub her neck, because...