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  1. Fish Breath

    Where should I buy a new tortoise from?

    So I’m thinking of buying a new RT tortoise after I move, in a year or two, where I’ll get a much bigger enclosure for my current RT. Where should I buy one from? I’m looking at places like underground reptiles online, I don’t want to buy one in stores and it has to be captive bred. Where should...
  2. Fish Breath

    Plastic Enclosure Help

    Where can I find a 3x3x1.5 ft plastic box for my RT? I’ve been looking into a new enclosure but where ever I go there’s no plastic box close to that size
  3. Fish Breath

    Best species with RT

    What animals can coexist with a RT?
  4. Fish Breath

    Can tortoises eat chocolate

    Can they
  5. Fish Breath

    Sleeping tortoise in water bowl

    I need help getting my RT out of his water bowl. This is more serious than you would think, RTs hate water yet he won’t get out of this one and I’m worried about infections from him staying there for a weeks straight.
  6. Fish Breath

    New tortoise enclosure!

    Planted sooooo much!
  7. Fish Breath

    Bobbing head to music

    How can I get a RT bob to music? (looking for more direct answers)
  8. Fish Breath

    How do I get my RT to bob his head

    He did it once and it was cute; HOW DO I DO IT AGAIN
  9. Fish Breath

    Just curious...which tortoise swims best?

    NOT including terrapins or turtles that live in any sweetwater/saltwater
  10. Fish Breath

    RUSSIAN TORTOISE TRAINING- the hardest one to train of all

    So I’ve got a RT, quite nice and all, eats from my hand, all that, but the question I’m about to ask will STUN you- HOW DO I TRAIN HIM?! I know, I know. It’s a russian tortoise. Still, there must be some kind of training. Even if you can tell me how to get him to bob his head to music- THAT...
  11. Fish Breath

    Need help deciding on new enclosure

    So So I’m planning on expanding to a large 4x4 ft enclosure for my RT, but I need help finding an ideal way to do lighting, should I do 4, 1 every quarter, should I do 3, 3 corners, 2, 2 corners, 2, cross corner, 2, centered, or just 1, anywhere really? Also how could I put in a small pool of...
  12. Fish Breath

    My RT has this crack...

    Should I just cover that part of his shell with shell cream, or could this be serious...he got this a couple of years ago and it’s still not gone, and you guys know how Strong RTs shells are, so anything that looks minor may not be...
  13. Fish Breath

    Do RTs like to bathe?

    Do they like to take baths? Btw this is for fun... also post in the comments if there’s a community friendlier than tortoiseforums
  14. Fish Breath

    I need help reidentifying my cactus

    So at first I thought it was a saguaro, then I realized it had way different spikes on the tips, and now I’m not sure. Please help me identify and check it it’s edible to my RT. might put this in his enclosure, tell me if I can, and if it’s edible. The roots are very short... thanks in advance...
  15. Fish Breath

    Can I build a tortoise enclosure with a pond in it?

    I plan to build a new tortoise enclosure for my little RT and now I’m here asking: could I possibly build it next to a pond? Could the pond be a foot deep? If so, can RTs swim? I’m quite curious, and I also may plant a prickly pear cactus and a saguaro cactus in his enclosure, if it’s possible...
  16. Fish Breath

    Can my tortoise eat Saguaro cactus?

    I have had a tortoise for over 8 years, a little RT that seems to never grow, and I also had a saguaro that I would like to plant in his cage. Is this possible? Btw the cactus is .4 ft by 2.3 ft.