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  1. Terrapin

    In over my head with Box Turtle!

    This is my cranky problematic box turtle Cardboard. I adopted him over a year ago and when he first came home he ate ALL THE THINGS. He was eager to try the variety of goodies I put on his plate. But over time he became increasingly disinterested in all but live food. Now for the past four...
  2. Terrapin

    Tusya Torty <3 his towel

    He really enjoys it. Maybe because its green
  3. Terrapin

    Is this normal?

    So info first. Tusya my little adult Russian tortoise has been with me two weeks now after being shipped ala FedEx from ATC (the Arizona tortoise compound). He is in a 6x4 indoor enclosure with basking light temp at 90-100. The area gets medium light in the day and I have two additional 60wat...
  4. Terrapin

    my Tortoise Mom 's day gift

    My little Tusya arrived Wednesday and has up until today spent most of his time buried. (I attribute that to stress from his trip.) Today after his hearty breakfast he actually began to bask instead of digging back into the dirt! Yay! And is still stretched out above ground even now. :)
  5. Terrapin

    How often do I add calcium supplement?

    I have a healthy adult tortoise, how often should I give him a calcium supplement?
  6. Terrapin

    this is Tusya

    My sweet little rock with a face. :)
  7. Terrapin

    from Bare Bones to one bulb short of finished

    There are actually two of the lights. I took the other down when the short lived bulb burnt. The second one is for the night time heat emitter. But here it is 6x4, 4 in organic potting soil under about an half in of coconut coir, plywood and foam mat underneath all that. 2ft walls. Clay...
  8. Terrapin

    and 4hours of use my 160w Zoolight went poof

    I was using a 10.5in brooder lamp as the base. Was that the wrong thing? Or was it a faulty bulb?
  9. Terrapin

    My first ever Torty-tat (bare bones)

    Here you will see the skeleton of the tortoise table I am building. This enclosure is for the adult male Russian :tort: that I will be bringing home once his habitat is established. Its 4x6 with 2ft walls. Next phase will be substrate, lighting, temperature regulation and hide set up...
  10. Terrapin

    Not new but been a long time

    Last year I joined the forum to do research on preparing to bring a torty into my home. Unfortunately mean ol' life stepped in the way and prevented that from happening. But I'm back, and I have a plan. So hopefully in the next few months, after I construct my table and do all the prep...
  11. Terrapin

    Intimidated by Hatchling

    After making my habitat list, getting a bunch of feedback, plus additional reading I've found myself overwhelmed by the care of a hatcthling. Upon further consideration I have decided that perhaps a wee baby tortoise may not be my best bet. So I am reviewing other options. Perhaps a...
  12. Terrapin

    Tortoise Item list, am I missing anything?

    SO I have finally decided to proceed with the habitat set up for a baby leopard tortoise. I have done a lot of reading, and will do a lot more before I send for my little one, but I am putting together a list of items in which to construct his/her habitat. Here is my list thus far: 100...
  13. Terrapin

    Tort Mom wanna be

    Hello everyone, I am glad to have found a place with so much information and community about tortoises! I have just started researching what sort of tortoise might be right for me. I really had my heart set on trying to adopt a rescue sulcata, but after much reading I have decided that my...