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  1. Hotsause

    Building the baby cheery enlcosure

    My isopods are here . Thanks to Rus from aquarimax. Orange powders and white outs
  2. Hotsause

    Building the baby cheery enlcosure

    I’m looking into buying a radiant heat panel from . I’m not sure what wattage I’ll need. My tank is 40x21x18. Can anyone recommend which one I should buy or if there’s a better brand or site I should look into ?
  3. Hotsause

    Leonardo di Borneo

    Does giving him a warm soak help to invigorate his appetite ?
  4. Hotsause

    Redfoot tortoise survey for research / tort enrichment thread

    I came across this survey on a facebook group (Redfoot Tortoise Fanatics) and I found it pretty interesting. I got it done easily in 10 minutes and it was pretty thought provoking to me. It...
  5. Hotsause

    Tips on how I can further Improve my enclosure?

    Looks amazing to me ! What kind of plant is that tree ? I’m also thinking of adding some moss to my enclosure. How often do you have to replace it ?
  6. Hotsause

    When to upgrade redfoot enclosure??

    Those frames look perfect. Investigating now lol
  7. Hotsause

    Help with ID - Redfoot I believe

    Post more pics after a few months of TLC !
  8. Hotsause

    Predators/Plants/Habitat for RF

    Relevent video. Part one and two. Crazy how you just mentioned Kenan doesn’t seem to have raccoon problems. Things are a menace.
  9. Hotsause

    Really white cherry head

    WOW! Those red scales are so vibrant. Lucky to have such a gorgeous tort.
  10. Hotsause

    Murphy's Mugshots

    Are you worried about any predators getting in there? I just was watching a video of how raccoons ate over 10 of Kenan’s turtles and now I’m going to be paranoid for life. Absolutely beautiful enclosure btw!
  11. Hotsause

    What am I doing wrong? Humidity hating tortoise lol

    They love to ruin all our plans don’t they. Maybe put a cover on the entire enclosure and make the whole thing humid.
  12. Hotsause

    What a REDFOOT can eat....

    Ah makes sense. Thanks for the info I appreciate it.
  13. Hotsause

    What a REDFOOT can eat....

    Yea we were talking about tomatoes though. I don’t see anything in that article about about diet.
  14. Hotsause

    What a REDFOOT can eat....

    Everything I’ve read says not to feed them , but obviously yours do ok with them so who knows.
  15. Hotsause

    What a REDFOOT can eat....

    I thought we can’t do tomatoes.
  16. Hotsause

    Building the baby cheery enlcosure

    So I decided I’m going to build a better tub. This was the biggest I could find. It’s only a few inches longer and wider than the one I have, but much taller. I’m going attach these metal bars (hot glue probably) and use it to mount the lighting and heat off of. I also plan on canabalizing that...
  17. Hotsause

    First time tortoise mama, South Florida, baby red foot

    Seems like you got a handle on it pretty well. I am a newbie myself (mines 4 months old), but the only thing I might be able to help you with is that I’ve heard that screens will cut down the effectiveness of the UVB light. You want it to go directly in. Also I’m not sure how hot and humid it is...
  18. Hotsause

    Building the baby cheery enlcosure

    Gave him calcium powder for the first time today. Guess I need to make sure it’s attached to the food better. My man looking like Tony Montana over here,.
  19. Hotsause

    Building the baby cheery enlcosure

    Hey kinda forgot about this thread here. Here’s the small changes I’ve made Those things in the back are Venus flytraps (with their own water basin inside, as not to mix with my soil because they are from the pet store)that I put in to try and kill the fruit flies, but I don’t think it’s...
  20. Hotsause

    Building the baby cheery enlcosure

    Now I finally have a good avatar pic. Thank you guys so much for the help. This project is far from over but It feels so good to finally have biggmann settled in and the equipment on hand to make to even better tmrw. Thank you especially to @Blackdog1714 for being there from the start. I picked...