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  1. stillframeband

    Newly Finished Indoor EBT Enclosure for Winters

    Ok, I was trying to wait until the grass had grown in, but I couldn’t stand it! So, here’s my 6 x 2 x 2 indoor enclosure for winters. First, here’s some pics of Bug, my 4 yr old EBT: And, here’s some pics of the finished enclosure: I did a hydroton pellet/mesh...
  2. stillframeband

    Glow in the dark Mushrooms ok?

    Just a curiosity question...has anyone ever seen the glow in the dark mushroom spore kits they sell on Black Jungle and other places online? And, if so, does anyone know if they'd be okay in an EBT enclosure? I've researched around to find out specifically if they'd be safe if a box turtle...