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  1. JustAnja

    CHUNKY Sterling Silver Reptile Themed charm bracelet

    I made this piece in 2009 and it has been packed away ever since. It has never been worn. Geckos, Turtles and Frogs! Big, CHUNKY Sterling Silver Reptile Themed charm bracelet. - Sterling silver, Bali silver, vintage glass beads, jade, Czech beads, Dyed blue Lapis beads, handmade glass...
  2. JustAnja

    New Moroccan hatchling...

    Oh my gosh Kelly - that is just TOO TOO precious. Congrats on all of your new babies. :)
  3. JustAnja

    NARBC - Tinley Park

    We will be there vending, so stop by and say hello. :) We wont have any torts or turtles available though.
  4. JustAnja

    All dressed up, and no place to go. Where do I get one?

    Hey another Anja :) Welcome aboard.
  5. JustAnja

    2.3 LTC Three Toed Box Turtles

    Sorry they are all SOLD now, thanks
  6. JustAnja

    2.3 LTC Three Toed Box Turtles

    One pair SOLD :)
  7. JustAnja

    2.3 LTC Three Toed Box Turtles

    Males - $65/ea Females - $75/ea XL Female - $85 Prices do not include shipping, please include your zip code for a shipping quote.
  8. JustAnja

    My Scout

    Thanks all - Ive been a blubbering mama for several months now while he has been at Ft Knox for OSUT (One Station Unit Training which is basic + AIT combined at one location) I am scared to death and don't know what I will do when he actually does deploy. He chose an MOS (job) that is high up on...
  9. JustAnja

    My Scout

    I just wanted to share a picture of my oldest son Loren, who will be graduating from OSUT (AIT & Basic training combined at one location for specialized fields) at Ft Knox in 2 weeks as a Cavalry Scout. He will be stationed at Ft Campbell, KY with the 101st Airborne Air Assault. Its been a...
  10. JustAnja

    2.3 LTC Three Toed Box Turtles

    *BUMP* I would like to get these moved before winter, as I really do not have any place to hibernate them in the house we are in now. Please feel free to make an offer, worst I can do is say no thanks. I am willing to entertain trade offers for female Crested Geckos, female Mainland...
  11. JustAnja

    I've got another one in need of an ID!

    Meg I have emailed back and forth with her as well, and nothing in 3 days. I was going to send the Sulcata to my friend Wayne in SC that does tort rescue and have him find her a home down south.
  12. JustAnja

    All this is mine............

    Terry, Pio is looking fabulous and Im so envious of his/her kingdom. Heck I wanna live there too! :D
  13. JustAnja

    2.3 LTC Three Toed Box Turtles

    *BUMP* $350 SHIPPED for the group :)
  14. JustAnja

    SEWERFest Aug 2nd Sturtevant, WI

    Just a few days away, Sewerfest captive bred only reptile show. August 2, 2009 10am - 3pm Adults: $5, Children 12 and under: $1 Fountain Banquet Hall, Sturtevant, WI Crotalus & Company will be there, so stop by and say hello if you make it...
  15. JustAnja

    Maggie, our newest Moderator

    Congrats Maggie :)
  16. JustAnja

    Baby Gulf Coast Box Turtle

    WOW Pat! Thats an amazing looking little baby :) Congrats.
  17. JustAnja

    3-toed incubation questions

    Hi Dee :) I incubated my eggs at about 82avg - I just put them on the shelf in the snake room with our other eggs, and we heat the entire room instead of individual cages. (much more cost effective with 500 snakes haha) Are you planning to use a hovabator or something similar? I do sell the...
  18. JustAnja

    To good home!

    Sammy I am about 30 minutes from Fondy, just over in West Bend, I can take him/her if you're still looking for a new home. You can email me through the link at the bottom of this post. :)
  19. JustAnja

    Looky whats peeking out at me :)

    Thanks everyone :D it took forever to finally absorb the yolk and come out, 3 whole days. lol Finally all the way out last night . ;D See his egg tooth? :)
  20. JustAnja

    2.3 LTC Three Toed Box Turtles

    I have decided to sell the last of my Box Turtles to try and fund another project. I have 2.3 LTC Three Toeds available. One female is HUGE at about 550grams. All have nice color, no plain Janes in this group. Males both have orange faces with white lips and bright yellow legs. They have been...