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  1. jackrat

    First hatchling of the season

    Really pleased with the variety and amount of colors on this little one.
  2. jackrat

    Savannah Cat

    This is my buddy,Cyrus. He's a savannah cat, a cross between an African serval and a domestic cat.These pictures are at 16 weeks.
  3. jackrat

    Just some more offshore pictures

  4. jackrat


    Which is located about 100 miles off the coast of Louisiana,in 8000 feet of water. And this is top secret offshore sign language,which means, "Your recommendation has no merit."
  5. jackrat

    Yearling redfoot holdbacks

    I have last year's holdbacks for sale.They average 3-3 1/2" SCL. $80.00 ea. Health guaranteed. Overnight shipping available. For more pictures and info,go to my website
  6. jackrat

    Pictures from work

    We are working in 8500 feet of water in the Gulf of Mexico. And my office
  7. jackrat

    Northern redfoot babies

    I still have a few of this year's hatchlings left. All are in perfect health and eating a varied diet. Started right,warm and humid. $125.00 Ea.
  8. jackrat

    Feeding frenzy

    These are the last of this year's hatchlings. Many thanks to all who have done business with us this year.
  9. jackrat

    A recent hatchling

    The mother,Squeeze,produces some nice carapaces and light orange colors.
  10. jackrat

    Knobs died

    I'm totally crushed. I had a funeral to attend yesterday morning. When I returned,I went to check the redfoots. I found my female,Knobs,flipped over and dead. She was outgoing and would always be the first to come to me,as she was always hungry. I'll miss her a lot.
  11. jackrat

    Exceptional Northern Redfoot hatchlings

    Vivid colors,symmetrical head patterns. They are started right,warm and humid. Eating a wide variety of fruits and greens. 100% guarantee of health. Go to our site and choose the exact one you like. $125.00 ea
  12. jackrat

    Very nice Redfoot hatchlings

    I have lots of hatchlings just reaching one month of age. They have been kept warm and humid. Eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. 100% Guarantee of health. Discounts for purchase of more than one. See more on the website. $125.00 Each
  13. jackrat

    Redfoot hatchlings

    It seems like they are all hatching at once! I'll be putting most of these on the website tomorrow. We have 10 more in the "nursery" and about 40 more eggs to go. Lots of new pairings are making it exciting to see what each one looks like as they hatch.
  14. jackrat

    Master Industries water nozzle

    I use a water nozzle,in some capacity,every day. I just got a new one from Master Industries Inc. This thing is the best of the best! Machined out of stainless steel,it carries a lifetime warrenty. You can even have your name engraved on it. At almost $60.00,shipped,it's a little bit pricey,but...
  15. jackrat

    New Guyanan hatchling

    This baby has almost no black anywhere on his head,just a pale,peachy orange color.
  16. jackrat

    Redfoot Facebook group

    I've started a group on facebook for redfoot keepers or anyone interested in them. Very informal,just sharing info and experience with other redfoot folks. The site is
  17. jackrat

    My favorite pistol

    I love this pistol! It's a Kimber Ultra Carry 2,.45 caliber. It has a 3" barrel and a trigger that is smooth as butter and breaks like a glass rod. Very comfortable to carry concealed.
  18. jackrat

    Northern Redfoot hatchlings for sale

    Exceptional redfoot hatchlings. Health guaranteed. next day shipping.$125.00 Ea. Pick the individual hatchling you want on our site.
  19. jackrat

    A couple new redfoot hatchlings

    A couple new ones from my young Guyana female,Dot. And a close up showing his egg tooth. The other one. Close up.
  20. jackrat

    Redfoot hatchling

    I think this is the absolute nicest redfoot hatchling we've had so far. Hatched 1/20/12. The carapace has orange on all the marginal scutes. A couple head shots. And a full body pic.