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  1. allegraf

    Muddy Saturday

    As you guys can probably tell, weekends are my preferred time to take pics of my torts. Here are some more of the adults. Not sure why the reds are so saturated in the pics. I know mine are red but the pics are exaggerating the reds. i took a video to see if the reds changed color in the video...
  2. allegraf

    Some cherries on a beautiful Sunday morning

    It’s been a whiles since I’ve posted any of my torts. Here are some of my cherries. Mostly took pics of the babies we are growing up, plus the adults were still hiding. Enjoy dorking out to new pics of cherryheads of all sizes. It was a mazuri morning. I got this one blinking. It’s one of the...
  3. allegraf

    Last Mango baby-outstanding

    This is the last of the mango hatchlings. It hatched almost a month later than the other three clutchmates. This one has color in the arm pits! Already has a new home and is spoken for. Potential dad-wicked Mom-mango
  4. allegraf

    Irma, Harvey and Jose-hurricane hatchlings

    Left the house since there was no electricity (too hot for kiddies). Came back three days later and these guys were out. Two mango babies (cdmay's darth-grandbabies) and one Squeeze/wicked baby. Something good came out of the hurricane. All solid keeper babies. Mango 1-nice head/legs and color...
  5. allegraf

    Tallulah 7 and 14 year development of pyramiding

    Here is Tallulah when we found her in 2003. As you can see she suffered from severe pyramiding. Eventually she went to live with my grandmother for about three years. When my grandmother passed, Tallulah came back. These were taken in 2010. I realized that it had been another seven years...
  6. allegraf

    Experimenting with color

    So we recently moved and had to build new tortoise pens. We decided to try to divide the herd into smaller selective breeding groups like we always planned but never got around to doing. Here is the first segregated herd. Wicked (m), Mango(f), Squeeze(f), and Lemondhead(f). Wicked is our most...
  7. allegraf

    Saturday morning with the herd

    It was a lovely morning so I decided to take some pics of the herd before it got too hot. Enjoy! They were hungry!
  8. allegraf

    Mother and daughter

    Rambutan and her baby girl
  9. allegraf


    Meg Hercules
  10. allegraf

    Mango treat

  11. allegraf

    Mulching pens and everyone came out-very pic heavy

    We recently moved and the pens have been long overdue. They are still a work in progress. Managed to mulch 4 pens today and need to mulch 3 more. Everyone thought it was a party and actually came out to see what was going on.
  12. allegraf

    Colorful adults (pic heavy)

    Had some time this afternoon. It was hot as sin! Most of the cherries wouldn't come out for photos or hibiscus. Here are the brave few. Sorry for the blurriness. Here are some Colombians: And Hercules, male Bolivian:
  13. allegraf

    Electric fence

    Does anyone have any experience with using an electric fence as protection from predators, possums and raccoons? Makes, model, pictures would be appreciated. I have too much space and enclosures are too large to cage in.
  14. allegraf

    Colombian redfoot tortoise female for sale-Male for free

    Hello All, I have a female Colombian redfoot for sale. She is breeding size. Male is lumpy like oatmeal. $300 for her but you must take Lumpy with her. Local sales only so South Florida only. Email me for pics: [email protected],com Allegra
  15. allegraf

    Mango-from hatchling to breeding adult

    I was fortunate enough to get Mango from Cdmay. I let him know that Mango laid eggs for the first time recently. Carl sent me an email: Mango is from a clutch of 8 eggs laid by Darth Maul on 4/19/07. All but one eggs hatched. Mango's egg (#7) pipped on 8/25/07. She was measured on 9/1/07 and...
  16. allegraf

    Love the rain

    Some decided to come out after the latest afternoon storm. Nothing cleans them off like a hard Florida storm. Tam: Wicked: Joe terry girl: Bonita: I spread some mulch and mango enjoyed it: Stackhouse tried to escape: One of the holdbacks tried to climb:
  17. allegraf

    Hot Saturday

    It is real hot in Florida today, so I put the sprinkler out for the torts to cool down. Some came and enjoyed the water, other stayed in the shelters(still got wet) Here is the result. Even the holdbacks came out to enjoy the water. Others got romantic:
  18. allegraf

    Bolivian pair

    So my kid named them after watching Disney. Here is Hercules and Meg. That is my ladies crocs that are about 10" or so long. Here is Hercules: Here is Meg:
  19. allegraf

    Watermelon Monday

    So since we are off work, torts got watermelon. Adults are happy. Here are some of the holdback babies. Here is Big Red, the one that was raised with Phoenix. She was nesting so I was trying not to disturb her. Here is Phoenix really relaxing while eating her watermelon.
  20. allegraf

    Monday shell fungus

    So it has been raining Almost every every day here in Florida. Babies all had fungus. So here are all of mine from this year that we are growing out: Here are some that I am growing out from Carl May's line: I just realized how many torts I am growing out. Otherwise everyone looks happy and...