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  1. kingsley

    Japonica a bitter sweet!!

    after years of hard work I produced my first Geomydea japonica (Black Breast Leaf Turtle) hatchling!! A dream come true. But sadly the little hatchling lasted just a few hours . Just a serene example of unexplainable incidence that keeps you scratching your head !!! Hopefully I will be able to...
  2. kingsley

    Geomydea Japonica

  3. kingsley

    2019 hatchlings

    hatched 2 thus far in 2019 !!
  4. kingsley

    Two Clutches of Specki

    I was Pleasantly surprised today to witness two specki females nest. One two eggs and the other three eggs. I am cooling them around 65-68 F for 4 weeks before incubation. I am open to any suggestions and opinions/ feedback please.
  5. kingsley

    Amazing Galapagos hatchling growth

    After years of contemplating and kicking my self for not getting them back in the day when they were 2k per hatchling , I decided to pull the trigger last December and treated my self to a Christmas Gift of two Galapagos hatchlings. The hatchlings arrived December 12th and they were 180 grams...
  6. kingsley

    Spyder Tortoise (Aracnoides ) Subadult Males

    Captive Bred Sub Adult Aracnoides
  7. kingsley

    Looking for adult Paradalis Paradalis

    I am looking for adult Paradalis Paradalis to add to my breeding group
  8. kingsley

    Giant 30 Lb Sri Lankan Star found This week!!!

    I have roamed the wilds of Sri Lanka all my life looking for Star Tortoises, listend to many a tails from villagers about the giants that used to roam but now they are gone!!! some of you have followed my posts in the past of my quest searching for these giants in the coastal areas , cloud...
  9. kingsley

    Twin Sri Lankan Pics

    Hello Here are some Pics of the 120% hatch!! The twins are half the size of the norm, and one is even smaller, but seems to be doing well, getting a few minutes of the AZ morning sun today. Also pics of the new Platynota hatchlings from a very special female that I raised from a hatchling.
  10. kingsley

    Twin Sri Lankans!!!

    I was wondering why this egg was different in shape than the others !!! more elongated from a old female , and was quite surprised this morning, I will post more pics and weights in a few days. The hatchlings are tiny almost half the size of the siblings!!
  11. kingsley

    4 Month Angulata Hatchling Update

    DOB oct 18th 2016, just a few days over 4 months and I am truely amazed at the rate of growth!! 1/ Hatched 10/18/2016 at 32 grams and 1.5 inches, 2/ Measurement 12/18/2016 47 grams 2.00 inches 3/ Measurement 2/ 22/2017 77 Grams 2.75 inches !!
  12. kingsley

    Tub full of 2016 Sri Lankans

    some of the Sri Lankans I produced in 2016 , Three different blood lines,
  13. kingsley

    Infertile Planicauda eggs!!

    just disapointed, I got three Planicauda eggs this year and all seems infertile!!! I incubated at 86 for 60 days cooled them at 65 for 60 days and re warmed them but no sign of any embryonic activity. I moved the group this spring, and thinking out loud if that could be the reason?? any advise...
  14. kingsley

    Wild Sri Lankan Star

    I had the wonderful oppertunity to take this clip of a wild Sri Lankan Star during my research study this year, Note the mud on the plastron from resent nesting
  15. kingsley

    First C. angulata Hatching

  16. kingsley

    Radiata fertility

    Hi all, I am having really poor fertility ratios with my Radiata here in Phoenix. Any advise ??
  17. kingsley

    stolen Star!!!

    Hello Everyone, I had a male 3 yr old captive bred Sri Lankan Star stolen from my back yard this past summer.I am suspecting the person who has it has NO idea as to what they have!!! Its 21years of work and one of my favorites!!!PLEASE HELP!!! This is my first post!!! and I hate to start...