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  1. diamondbp

    Leopard tortoises PP/PB mixed

    I have a few 4” pp/Pb mixed leopards available. They fathered by a pure PP male and a large PP/PB mixed female so they are primarily South African in genetics. So expect them to get large and be more cool tolerant. They range between 200-300 ea depending on the size. I’ll have some more in the...
  2. diamondbp

    A cool photo

    I took this picture last night and posted it on a few Facebook groups. I figured you guys might like it as well. It was difficult to orchestrate but I managed to pull it off. It shows different stages from egg pipping - 13 months old
  3. diamondbp

    Well started PP/PB mixed leopards available

    I have several 4” PP/Pb mixed leopards available ranging from 4-8months old. All personally hatched and raised in sealed enclosures and are as rock solid as you can come across for their size. These are all well beyond the vulnerable stage and will quickly grow to be large 15-20” dark colored...
  4. diamondbp

    A mystery (PP?) clutch?!

    Back on July 24th I found a mystery clutch that was laid on a date that didn’t fit with the expected clutch scheduled of my proven females. I inspected every proven female that morning and I didn’t see any convincing evidence that any of them had what I call “mud butt” which is what you usually...
  5. diamondbp

    South African / babcocki mixed babies

    Here are some very well started *gorgeous*South African >mixed<babies that were fathered by a young (14") pure South African male and a large 16" mixed female. So expect these babies to get larger than most leopards and exhibit unique pardalis pardalis characteristics as they grow. They are...
  6. diamondbp

    South African Mixed Leopard tortoise

    Admin Approved. I've decided to part with a few hold backs. Here is an 11 week old that's just as big as most advertised yearlings! This incredible baby is available and I'm asking $190 plus shipping or local pickup. This baby was fathered by a lovely dark pure South African male and a gorgeous...
  7. diamondbp

    Babies on the way

    Back in August I acquired a 14.5" pardalis/babcocki female. Although I'm not aiming to produce mixed babies long term, I've allowed my young male p.pardalis to mate with her until I acquire a pure adult female p.pardalis. I was not expecting her to lay eggs as soon as she did though. I was...
  8. diamondbp

    What is the deal?!?

    I ask this to all the leopard tortoise veterans out there,,, What on Earth is the deal with all these breeders offering so called pure "p.pardalis" (South African)babies all of a sudden??!? It's like virtually overnight people "supposedly" have all these breeder South African adults? In my...
  9. diamondbp

    Darkest leopard ?

    Another thread has got me wondering if anyone has ever seen or have pictures of an overly black leopard tortoise? I for one would dig the idea of jet black leopards
  10. diamondbp

    I'm thinking female

    This is the very first sulcata I hatched 3 years ago and it's looking very very female to me now that's of some size. I figured I'd see what others thought. She is right under 10 inches
  11. diamondbp

    Happy Easter TFO family

    To all my TFO family, Happy Easter from my family and I (and tortoises)
  12. diamondbp

    Soaking up the Spring Sun

    He was looking to pretty not to snap a quick picture of my male sulcata. :)
  13. diamondbp

    Spunky is perfection

    So Roughly a year ago I adopted a beautiful young male sulcata from @sissyofone and he has really blossomed into one impressive young adult. His shell and personality are both perfect. Just thought Id share yet another example of what type of tortoise daily soaks can produce.
  14. diamondbp

    Check out this monster p.pardalis!

    Check out this MONSTER MALE P.PARDALIS. Holy moly this guy is the largest from South Africa that I've ever seen a picture of. Hope you enjoy...
  15. diamondbp

    Future Leo Paradise

    I took a quick picture of our property that we are going to build on this year . I will be building on .9 acres that will be fenced in with another 2acres behind our lot that will also be ours to do what we wish with. This picture is just of the lot . You can tell the edge of the lot by the...
  16. diamondbp

    This is plantain right?

    I found a new spot to harvest plantain but it seems a little different that the other broad leaf plantain I'm used to finding in Louisiana. Its slightly fuzzy with narrow leaves. Is this a different variety of plantain or a lookalike? I need you green thumb experts!
  17. diamondbp

    Need you guys food expertise

    So as many of you know I am currently raising up several SA leopard tortoises and that some are REALLY starting to grow at rates I didn't anticipate. This is a good thing of course but feeding them is shaping up to be a minor challenge. I currently give them a good healthy mix of...
  18. diamondbp

    My official p.pardalis leopard tort page

    I figured since I post pictures of my leopard tortoise group quite often it might be best to create my own thread that way a story is told over time. So here is my group minus two more 3month olds I will be receiving once it warms up. Now I will be the first to admit that I have mistakes over...
  19. diamondbp

    The emergence begins

    Although it's not spring and we are bound to have more cold snaps, I had a bunch up this morning and some of the males were already chasing. Brace yourselves for the soon to be plethora of box turtle photos from me lol.
  20. diamondbp

    The early leopard gets the photo

    As the others cry about waking up this morning my favorite early bird is enjoying a "traffic free" basking zone. Definitely the most photogenic of my group. Figured I would share