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  1. 4jean

    Beautiful morning!

    Great morning to sit back and watch my tortoise. Can you find her.... After a rainy night the sun is out!
  2. 4jean

    Is this Mallow?

  3. 4jean

    Please identify this weed

    Does anyone know what this is?
  4. 4jean

    Happy Earth Day

  5. 4jean

    Can you find me?

    New York finally has temps in high 60's today. The space that will be Francis' garden read in the 80's so I gave her her first feel of real sunshine......she quickly hid but just a taste of times to come!
  6. 4jean

    Good Morning!

  7. 4jean

    Introducing...(no name yet!)

    I am not new to the forum, but today I received (from Chris at Garden State Tortoise) my new southern ibera Greek. You are welcome to suggest a name. It was incubated at a temp predicted to be female. Better pictures to follow! I think I will leave her alone a bit after her trip.
  8. 4jean

    Sad news

    I just wanted to take the time to thank everyone on this forum. I have read and learned so much as a first time tortoise owner from all of you. My beautiful yearling Hermans Tortoise Nelson passed away this morning. I am quite distraught and feel responsible, but I know I was taking excellent...
  9. 4jean

    Lazy day!

    I spent the day under this branch.
  10. 4jean

    How quickly should I see improvement?

    This is Nelson, approximately 1 year old. I took him to the vet last Monday because he has had swollen eyes that stay mostly closed. When he would open them there was a white dot on each eye. The vet prescribed antibiotic drops. I give one drop to each eye 3x a day. Today is day 6. I am also...
  11. 4jean

    Sick Tortoise

    Hello, I have a 1 year old Hermann's tortoise. I took him to the vet tonight because his eyes have been swollen shut for a few days. He has not seemed his normal self for about two weeks but I assumed it was due to the colder temps. He lives in a 3ft by 2ft open top wooden table with coco...
  12. 4jean

    Outdoor sunshine

    I have an approximately 10 month old Hermann's tortoise. I live in upstate NY. He is spending most of his daytime outside due to the weather. When he is inside he spends most of his day basking under his lamp. Outdoors he spends most of the time hiding which I know is normal. My question is how...
  13. 4jean

    Revised plan for outdoor enclosure

    Yesterday I attempted an outdoor garden area for Nelson, my 2inch Hermanns tortoise. After advice from forum members I have taken out the fencing and replaced it with a stone wall. I have netting that stretches over the top to keep birds out. He will spend some time each day weather permitting...
  14. 4jean

    Would this fence work?

    I have a 2 inch Hermans tortoise and would like to put him outside a few hours a day while I am out in my yard. Would this metal fence work? It is buried into the ground about two inches I have some netting that fits over the top to keep birds away. It's a nice spot against my house with 3 rose...
  15. 4jean

    Butternut squash?

    Is butternut squash safe to give my Hermanns tortoise once a week? He loves it
  16. 4jean

    Eastern or Western?

  17. 4jean

    Tortoise table

    What kind of wood should I use to build a tortoise table for my Hermann's tortoise. It will be an indoor table.