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  1. Tortuga_terrestre

    Getting into Radiated Torts

    Its been years since I've posted on TFO. I use to be a collectionist/amateur breeder. Looking for babies in your backyard is nerve wrecking; Im done. I want one gem that I can raise from a hatchling; hopefully smooth. Im not ready as of yet since I want to get the setup right. Any reputable...
  2. Tortuga_terrestre

    Russian Hatchling

    I have a Russian Hatchling for adoption. This is my last hatchling for the season (I hope). $50 LOCAL SALES ONLY. I will NOT ship. Whittier Area.
  3. Tortuga_terrestre

    2 Russian Hatchlings

    I have 2 baby russians. So Cal Sales only. I might have more hatchlings coming out of the ground. Make me an offer; I need to part with them this week. I have a newborn (human) baby in the house and I dont have time for these gems. Shoot me a pm with your number and ill text you pics. Serious...
  4. Tortuga_terrestre

    2 Pardalis Babcocki Males

    I have 2 male P.B. males (9-10 inches approx) these guys are 4 years old. They are super active in the summer but not so much the rest of the year. Make me an offer. I work odd hours and don't have much time for them. I have a Colony of Russians and I don't worry about those guys; they are...
  5. Tortuga_terrestre

    2 Male PB Leos

    Make me an offer. Because at the end i want these guys to go a good home. Im not giving them away either. They are approx 8-9 inches. So Cal members only. Im not comfortable with shipping.
  6. Tortuga_terrestre

    Male Leos for Sale

    I have 2 Male Leos for sale approx 8-9 inches;Pardalis Babcocki. Im asking $300 each or best offer. I also have 2 Russian Juveniles. One is super spunky Beautiful Specimen $200 Firm for Him. The other one is also a beauty $150 Firm. The hatchling is in rough shape but very active..I found him...
  7. Tortuga_terrestre

    Black Saturday Sale

    7 Russian babies for $420. Will not separate. Need funds for another project ASAP. The sale needs to happen tomorrow 11/30 in So Cal Only.No exceptions. Thanks
  8. Tortuga_terrestre

    Russian Hatchlings

    I currently have 5 Russian Hatchlings for sale. 100 each or 90 if you buy all 5. So Cal Sales only; sorry Im still not comfortable shipping. Im also open to trade: True South African Leopard Tortoise hatchlings only. Thank you.
  9. Tortuga_terrestre

    Russian Yearlings

    2 Russian yearlings for sale. 120 each. So Cal sales only. Im selling the 2 smaller ones. The bigger one is not for sale. Thank you
  10. Tortuga_terrestre

    My Russians

    URL=][/URL] URL=][/URL] [hr] I wanted to organized the pics according to age but im...
  11. Tortuga_terrestre

    Adult Marginated Tortoise

    Im looking for an Adult marginated tortoise; male or female. Im not interested in breeding; this will be strictly a pet. I want this tortoise to be "wild caught" in appearence no bumpy ones. Thank you
  12. Tortuga_terrestre

    Indoor Torts

    Do captive bred tortoises prefer to be kept indoors rather than an outdoor enclosures? These 2 lil guys have been with me since they hatched (1/12). I started them on the wet rountine but struggled keeping humidity consistant. I bring them in during the cooler months and strictly outdoors during...
  13. Tortuga_terrestre

    Looky what I found

    Found this little guy or gal in the backyard; I suspect it hatched last year.
  14. Tortuga_terrestre

    Male Golden Greek

    Looking for a 5 inch plus male to add to my colony. Please PM me. Thank You
  15. Tortuga_terrestre

    Proven Dalmation Hermann 1.1.

    Ive decided to put my pair for sale.. I have a big project coming up and need additional funds. If your interested, please PM. I'm not sure where to price them at, reasonable offers will be considered. Local pickups are preferred. Thank You
  16. Tortuga_terrestre

    Dalmation Swap

    Looking to possibly trade my Dalmation Hermann male for another Dalmation male. I believe my pair might be related; since they both came from the same breeder. I'm looking for a male like this one: I'm looking for bold distinct markings.. This is my male: He is a verrryyyyyy...
  17. Tortuga_terrestre

    Humid box enclosure

    This is the second time I've mentioned Hydroponics on this forum... didnt get much responses the first time. But I think you guys will agree this Mini Greenhouse could work as a humidbox enclosure. It has vents on the top to control air flow thus regulating humidity. The price is awesome too...
  18. Tortuga_terrestre

    1911 Talk

    So Im in the market for a 1911 (pistol) but dont have alot of cash for a high end 1911. I been doing my research on the Rock Island GI 1911. So far Ive read nothing but good things. Any thoughts? or recommendations?
  19. Tortuga_terrestre

    Dalmation Hermann Hatchling

    When I thought it was all over......I found another hatchling! This one is a very high yellow! If anyone is interested PM me. I'll post a pic soon..
  20. Tortuga_terrestre

    Testudo hermanni hercegovinensis

    I currently have 2 hatchlings for sale: These are going to be beautiful adults. Here is the mother: I'm offering them at $125 each plus shipping. I prefer local sells since I don't have experience shipping. Thank You