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    Speedy's Thanksgiving

    It was really nice here on Thanksgiving day , in fact Tucson had a new "record" high of 89 F ! So Speedy was out catching some ray's ! After that he enjoyed his Thanksgiving meal of Mulberry leaves , turnip greens , hay and a yellow sqash for a treat !
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    A little cool this morning ! :-))

    It was 52 F this morning and I guess Speedy thought it was to darn cold to go outside ! I can hardly wait til it gets really cold out !
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    Slick Soaking and Shedding

    I have seen so many BTS,s with deformed feet , missing toe's and claws that I am probably a little paranoid ! I am lucky because Slick loves to soak ! Once he soaks a while all that shed loosens up and comes off in big pieces ! I like to pay special attention to the "ear plugs" and of...
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    Runt loves to soak !

    I mist down his enclosure once a day , and like to soak him at least once a week ! It helps his shedding quite a bit and he seems to like it ! I even put the top on so it is like a little steam room !
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    Meet the Runt !

    I have not been around as much as I used to be and I don't think you guy's & gals have ever seen my Ackie ! He is a yellow Ackie , Varanus acanthurus also called a Spiny or Ridge Tailed Monitor ! I named him Runt but he doesn't really know he is ! He is really something , they are the smallest...
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    Speedy update

    Hi everyone just a quick one to let you know Speedy has made it through his first winter outside ! Had him in for his monthly weigh in today , fat and sassy as ever ! He will be 3 in June ! He measured 11 inches long .
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    70 Degree's at 1:00 P.M.

    I opened his door at 11:00 AM , but he was not having it ! He finally came outside to "catch some rays" !
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    FREE to good home !

    I went to let Speedy out today and found this dude , I usually catch at least one every year ! I tried the Tarantula forum , but cant post there !
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    Speedy's new Hot Tub !

    A lot of you will recognize this pic , Due to circumstances we decided to get a new tub ! :D He likes the new one a lot better ! Of course he still loves getting warm water poured over his head ! ;)
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    2 Days Home !

    Well , Slick has been with us for 2 days now and continues to amaze us ! He settled right in to the eating , drinking and pooping and peeing thing ! So far he has eaten diced chicken (cooked) with collard greens , and I opened a can of dog food this morning which he happily munched on ! As far...
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    Everyone meet Slick !

    We went to the Tucson Reptile Expo Sunday and had a great time looking at all the reptiles . As we looked around "Slick" caught my eye because even under those conditions he was active and seemed pretty feisty ! After negotiations and inspection , We put him in my container for his trip home...
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    Tucson Az. Reptile Show

    This show will be going on the first week end in October. I went to last years show and really enjoyed it ! Fifteenth Annual October 1 - 2, 2016 Arizona's Real Largest & Oldest Reptile Show Come See and Purchase Thousands of Captive Bred Tortoises, Snakes, Lizards, Frogs, Turtles, Bugs, Cages...
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    Maybe a dumb question ?

    Speedy has been eating Mazuri pellets since we have had him , and I have always soaked them . Recently I have tried feeding him the pellets dry. The first time I gave him one and watched as he bit it into hunks and munched it down. I thought "cool , he even gets to wear his beak down a little !"...
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    Speedy was checking his "New Home" !

    I was goofing off , but my wife caught him coming out anyway ! :) Didn't say if he liked it or not , maybe he is still deciding ? :D
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    Thank you LLL Reptile

    Most everybody takes time to complain . I would just like to take time to thank LLL Reptile for their prompt , courteous, professional service ! I would and will recommend them to anyone . They are most definitely my "Go To" place for any and all reptile supply's ! Thanks again !
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    Just a little snack !

    Here is Speedy making mulberry leaves disappear ! :D :p
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    Crazy idea or not ?

    In my never ending quest to keep Speedy from pyramiding , I bought this little "electric simmering pot" . It is supposed to be used for scents in your house. My idea was to put it on a shelf in Speedy's night box and fill it with water. I think the warm water evaporating into the air would help...
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    Growing some "Shrooms" !!

    Speedy is outside as soon as it is warm enough almost every day now . He only comes in to sleep at night . So , his tank doesn't get much light anymore just some heat overnight while he is sleeping . Well here is what we found growing in his warm humid tank this morning ! o_O Amazing...
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    Munching Mazuri !!

    Mmm ! Mmm ! I just love my pellets n hay !
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    Speedy's First Rain

    We had a little rain for about a half hour , or so Speedy didn't know what to make of it . As soon as he decided it didn't hurt he kept going in and out of it ! :D