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  1. Tortuga_terrestre

    Come In And Wish Walter A Happy Birthday!

    Wow! Thank You Yvonne. I login all the time but rarely post anything; and yet I get B-Day thread. Thank you everyone
  2. Tortuga_terrestre

    Getting into Radiated Torts

    Its been years since I've posted on TFO. I use to be a collectionist/amateur breeder. Looking for babies in your backyard is nerve wrecking; Im done. I want one gem that I can raise from a hatchling; hopefully smooth. Im not ready as of yet since I want to get the setup right. Any reputable...
  3. Tortuga_terrestre

    Russian Hatchling

    I have a Russian Hatchling for adoption. This is my last hatchling for the season (I hope). $50 LOCAL SALES ONLY. I will NOT ship. Whittier Area.
  4. Tortuga_terrestre

    2 Russian Hatchlings

    I started with 2 found another 3. Sold them and found another 2. So they are up for grabs. I want them to go to a good home. No reasonable offer will be turned down.
  5. Tortuga_terrestre

    2 Russian Hatchlings

    I have 2 baby russians. So Cal Sales only. I might have more hatchlings coming out of the ground. Make me an offer; I need to part with them this week. I have a newborn (human) baby in the house and I dont have time for these gems. Shoot me a pm with your number and ill text you pics. Serious...
  6. Tortuga_terrestre

    2 Pardalis Babcocki Males

    I have 2 male P.B. males (9-10 inches approx) these guys are 4 years old. They are super active in the summer but not so much the rest of the year. Make me an offer. I work odd hours and don't have much time for them. I have a Colony of Russians and I don't worry about those guys; they are...
  7. Tortuga_terrestre

    2 Male PB Leos

    Make me an offer. Because at the end i want these guys to go a good home. Im not giving them away either. They are approx 8-9 inches. So Cal members only. Im not comfortable with shipping.
  8. Tortuga_terrestre

    Male Leos for Sale

    I have 2 Male Leos for sale approx 8-9 inches;Pardalis Babcocki. Im asking $300 each or best offer. I also have 2 Russian Juveniles. One is super spunky Beautiful Specimen $200 Firm for Him. The other one is also a beauty $150 Firm. The hatchling is in rough shape but very active..I found him...
  9. Tortuga_terrestre

    Black Saturday Sale

    7, i gave my buddy a tort.
  10. Tortuga_terrestre

    Black Saturday Sale

    7 Russian babies for $420. Will not separate. Need funds for another project ASAP. The sale needs to happen tomorrow 11/30 in So Cal Only.No exceptions. Thanks
  11. Tortuga_terrestre

    Russian Hatchlings

    I currently have 5 Russian Hatchlings for sale. 100 each or 90 if you buy all 5. So Cal Sales only; sorry Im still not comfortable shipping. Im also open to trade: True South African Leopard Tortoise hatchlings only. Thank you.
  12. Tortuga_terrestre

    Russian Yearlings

    2 Russian yearlings for sale. 120 each. So Cal sales only. Im selling the 2 smaller ones. The bigger one is not for sale. Thank you
  13. Tortuga_terrestre

    My Russians

    Update: I finally got around to measuring the trio. The first female pictured (Franny) measured in at 8 inches long 5 3/4 wide. The second female (Cecilia) measured 7 1/2 inches long 5 1/2 wide. Lastly the very feisty male (Pete) measuring in at a whopping 5 1/2 inches long 4 1/2 wide...
  14. Tortuga_terrestre

    My Russians

    I'm not sure..I know one is way over 8 inches. The male is probably at 5.5-6 inches. But size means nothing..he is fearless. I'll be measuring soon;I'm curious myself.
  15. Tortuga_terrestre

    My Russians

    Hey Yvonne! I cant stay away..its been a while since I started a thread but I been checking in. I enjoy keeping up with the 2010 P.P. members; they are beautiful. I been focusing on the testudo family, easy to care for and full of personality.
  16. Tortuga_terrestre

    My Russians

    Thank you, I might be adopting out the 2 hatchlings(fee applies). So if someone has been wanting to raise a baby russian. Let me know. I love this species:Hardy, robust, very personable...a little tank.
  17. Tortuga_terrestre

    My Russians

    URL=][/URL] URL=][/URL] [hr] I wanted to organized the pics according to age but im...
  18. Tortuga_terrestre

    Adult Marginated Tortoise

    Im looking for an Adult marginated tortoise; male or female. Im not interested in breeding; this will be strictly a pet. I want this tortoise to be "wild caught" in appearence no bumpy ones. Thank you
  19. Tortuga_terrestre

    Indoor Torts

    Update: I seperated the duo and their is a noticable change in personality. Eventually im going to have to part with one. I still can't figure out which one is the bully.
  20. Tortuga_terrestre

    Indoor Torts

    Holy moly you might be spends most of the time roaming the enclosure and the other one in the hide or bushes. This behavior has been going on since they were hatchlings... I have a bully!