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  1. Amber White

    Small Space Solution for a properly insulated natural den - Desert Tortoise "Patsy"

    Problematic Small Space that needs protection from the summer heat: 3' width x 10' long balcony. Location: Newlywed Apartment in Sunny Southern California. Awesome resident? 65+ year old Desert Tortoise named "Patsy" that has been in the family since the early 60's. I wanted to share my...
  2. Amber White

    Can't find a way to have proper temperatures for hibernation

    We live in a small apartment for now and Patsy's hibernation is coming up. We don't have a cold enough closet to keep her in as we have practiced for 50 years (moved to Los Angeles in the Valley). I thought about keeping her outside but it gets to be 70-80 degrees in the day through the winter...
  3. Amber White

    Patsy Tortoise - Adopted full grown in 1962

    Hey! So I thought it's about time I start learning from other experienced tortoise handlers regarding our little being that I have loved and has been loved for three generations. Patsy the desert tortoise was adopted full grown so we figure she was between 12-20yrs at least when we got her. So...