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  1. MenagerieGrl

    Missing Tort In Placerville Ca.

    Just saw on the KPIX Channel 5 News in San Francisco Bay area, A missing tort . . HE'S A BIG TORT, too Here's a link to a station closer to the area..100#, 11 year old .Celest is out wandering....
  2. MenagerieGrl

    S. Padre Island, yet again saving Sea Turtles

    Volunteers In Texas Are Saving Thousands Of Cold-Stunned Sea Turtles From The Storm February 17, 20214:35 PM ET Volunteers in coastal Texas have rescued thousands of sea turtles from frigid waters and shores during the historic winter storm and are working creatively to house them as...
  3. MenagerieGrl

    Re: Sonoran Desert Tortoises

    An icon of the desert needs your help. South and east of the Colorado River, in Arizona and Mexico, desert tortoises have roamed for millennia over the sage-green, saguaro-studded hillsides of the Sonoran Desert. Now, under threat from habitat loss, unnatural wildfires, drought and climate...
  4. MenagerieGrl

    I can't stop Laughing...

    Not sure if you have seen this ad, but it's crackin me up (get it...crackin me up...pistachio's)
  5. MenagerieGrl

    Hermann's Just passed.

    I had inherited a Hermann's Tort (Eastern Hermann's)(He/she was found on a Freeway Off ramp) I've had her/him for bout 8 years. Last year, /AUGUST he/she stopped eating. took her/him to Berkeley Dog and Cat Hospital. Only local Hospital that took care of exotics. Xrays were inconclusive. They...