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  1. Gbear

    Where did you get your marginated tortoise from?

    Hello everyone! I am thinking of getting a marginated tortoise and have been doing a lot of research on where to purchase one from and would like to know where you got yours from or if you have any recommendations? Thanks!
  2. Gbear


    I just found a tick on my 5 month old sulcata. This sulcata has only been outside once when I first got him. I just changed out his bedding (coco coir) and put in new sphagnum moss about 4 days ago. I changed his stuff outside. This tick was huge and I just noticed him today. I read that...
  3. Gbear

    New Redfoot Sound

    I've had my redfoots for over a year now and I'm used to the clicking/chicken noises that they make. As I was falling asleep tonight, I heard one of them make a new sound that was more like when a puppy is sleeping and chasing something in it's dream. Basically sounds like a small bark with...
  4. Gbear

    Is this the same as Eco Earth?

    I was wondering if this coco coir is the same as Eco Earths and if anyone else has ever bought it off Amazon...
  5. Gbear

    Feeding plants from another enclosure

    I currently have 2 Cherryhead yearlings (indoors) and a couple of desert box turtles in an outdoor enclosure. I put a tortoise blend of seeds and some lettuces and other edible plants in the box turtle enclosure and they are almost overgrowing the enclosure. I was wondering if it is okay to...
  6. Gbear

    Looking for Male Terrapene ornata luteola and Female ornata ornata

    Rescued two box turtles that were supposed to be both male and the same type of box turned out to be female and a different type. Now they are trying to mate. Since they are slightly different types of box turtles, I wanted to try and find a counterpart for each one. Wanting a...
  7. Gbear

    Desert Box Turtle Night Temps

    I couldn't find specific information so I decided to make a new thread. It is going to get down to 50 degrees at night for the next 3 nights in Florida and I have recently adopted 2 desert box turtles that have an outdoor pen. Should I bring them inside or will they be okay to stay in their...
  8. Gbear

    Box turtle sexing

    I rescued two desert box turtles recently and was told that one was male and the other one was a juvenile that you wouldn't be able to tell the sex yet. I believe the juvenile is an ornate box and the larger one is a desert box turtle based on what they look like. The juvenile has red eyes, a...
  9. Gbear

    Delete pictures that aren't showing

    I uploaded some pictures that have a spot in my albums, but they don't show unless you click on them. I went back and shrunk the picture size and uploaded them again and the thumbnail worked. When I went back to delete the other pictures so they weren't taking up space, I couldn't figure out...
  10. Gbear

    Humid Hide duct tape entance

    Hey there, I have 2 young Redfoot tortoises and they have grown out of their old humid hides. I've cut a doorway into a tupperware container and lined it with duct tape to keep any sharp edges away. Will this be okay or do I need to find other protection to put over the cut out edge? Thanks!
  11. Gbear

    Outdoor Enclosures for Sulcata and Cherryheads

    Here are my outdoor enclosures for my Cherry Heads and Sulcata! (I had to pull out a lot of the greens in the sulcata enclosure because bugs began to eat them. I have planted a "tortoise grazing mix" from Carolina Pet Supply and am anxiously awaiting it's growth.) I plan on purchasing shade...
  12. Gbear

    Spraying down enclosure twice a day

    Hey there, I have a 10 m/o sulcata tortoise and he has two humid hide spaces in his inside enclosure with moist sphagnum moss. Is it necessary to spray down the tank in the morning and night to raise the humidity in the tank or should I keep it dry? He's on "Forest Floor" mulch and has a...
  13. Gbear

    Baby Sulcata sick for a while

    My baby sulcata has been sick for a little while. She's been slower, stopped eating and sleeps all day. I've taken her to the vet about 3 times in the last month. The vet told me that it could be bullying from my other sulcata since he is doing fine and growing at a normal rate. So we...