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  1. mikeh

    Impressa Project

    I was lucky to acquired 5 hatchlings in mid October of 2017. All 5 are doing very well at this point, it wasn't easy, but there has been progress on my and their end, things are getting much easier. Given how uncommon these guys are, thought I would quickly share just couple of photos for...
  2. mikeh

    Couple of turtles nesting

    Here to share couple of turtles nesting. First one is a big red ear slider covering up her nest at 9:00 am about 250 yards quite far away from the pond and in the middle of a huge public lawn. It hasn't rained in weeks, how she had enough urine to wet and soften the dry hard soil is amazing. She...
  3. mikeh

    CB juvenile Manouria Emys Emys

    Nice opportunity for someone wanting to experience this species. Healthy, heavy, alert, ravenous, unsexed. Hatched late 2012, now well over 7", raised from hatchling in a very wet/damp/humid and warm environment. Exceptionally flat (glass like) carapace scutes, nice large leg scales (no pine...
  4. mikeh

    Aggression between Emys Emys?

    Today I witnessed one of my juvenile emys making a move and biting the other one on the neck. It seemed to be a clearly intentional bite, holding onto the skin until the other one was able to slip away. Over past few months I've seen the aggressor flip the other one on occasion when they cross...
  5. mikeh

    Help... grass stuck inside the nostril.

    A very thin piece of grass is stuck inside one of the nostrils. There is no way I can get it out with tweezers or toothpick. Its in there. The tort has been sneezing and rubbing the nostril all day trying to get it out. The irritation is causing mucus discharge but this is not enough to wash...
  6. mikeh

    My glass shell

    Emys are often described as tortoises with uninteresting dull black/brown shell. In certain environment conditions they can develop polished glass like scutes, forming a nicely detailed carapace architecture. Ps: The shell appears to be polished like, but that's just how it looks dry without...
  7. mikeh

    Safe for Manouria Emys?

    This plant grows in moist areas/standing water proximity with shade. Can anyone id? Would it be safe for manouria? Its as large as elephant ears but clearly not one.
  8. mikeh

    Surprise at a run off pond

    I often check out a run off pond by a local home depot. Its has a nice ecosystem of amphibians, fish, birds, small mammals. Yesterday at sunset I was sitting down and waiting for a few flocks of Canada geese on their daily return approach and landing on the pond. I look at the roots of a three...
  9. mikeh

    Light entertainment - Obsessed leopard

    I can't say my leopard isn't entertaining. Amongst number of quirks, he has an obsession with his shell being clean. If he can see any dirt on top he will spend hours frustrated trying to get it off. The fact that he is not able to reach it does not deter him one bit.
  10. mikeh

    Canadian geese soaked in diesel fuel

    There was a diesel spill by my house. 4 Canadian geese that live here all year round are soaked in diesel fuel. They alert but can't fly, nor are trying to run away. NJ environmental emergency agency doesn't seem to have interest in doing anything as few hours later nothing has been done. Its...
  11. mikeh

    Trying to tell me something is off

    For past 2 days one of my tortoises was trying to get something off his rear leg and scratching the back of his shell against a rock. It was fun to watch. Always dirty from burrowing for the night, dirt must be itching I figured. Today he kept at it more frequently and seemed irritated, time...
  12. mikeh

    Early head bobbing sex id?

    Recently my year and half old emys emys (about 6" length) started head bobbing when seeing unfamiliar objects or when in unfamiliar territory. Its definitely head bobbing not breathing or sniffing. I was wondering if head bobbing at this very young age in any way identifies their sex. Both...
  13. mikeh

    Manouria feeding frenzy.

    Some photos capturing just how competitive and aggressive these mostly mild mannered specie get when it comes to their favorite foods. They get extremely focused and loudly hiss trying to get the food.
  14. mikeh

    Calcium Sulfate or Calcium Carbonate

    My one year old leopard eats calcium like its a main course. I give him a choice of how much calcium he wants for intake at his will, by making some kind of calcium form available at all times. As he was devouring a Zoomed calcium tortoise block I looked at the ingredients. Its calcium...
  15. mikeh

    Burmese Brown Forest Tortoise (Manouria Emys Emys)

    I am reluctantly offering one of my two (late 2012 cbb) emys emys. Gorgeous, strong animal just over a year old, already at 5+ inches SLC and well over 400 grams. Raised in a controlled, 6x3 moist/tropical terrarium using indirect heat. Ample outdoor time provided in summer. The shell on this...
  16. mikeh

    Glass condensation frustration NO MORE!

    Suffering from glass condensation syndrome? Frustrated not being able to clearly see your tort without constant wiping of the glass? Well, the time has come to get cured, say good bye to annoying condensation on your terrarium glass. Before After Using low wattage heat cable run across...
  17. mikeh

    What to get at Asian supermarket?

    I am at a large Asian supermarket and want to get some out of the norm greens for leopard and Burmese browns. Are Sweet potatoes leaves ok to feed? Fresh bamboo shoots? Lemon grass? Anything else out of the norm I should be looking at here?
  18. mikeh

    Dry or freeze

    TommyZ was nice enough to mail me bunch of mulberry three leaves. Would it be better to dry them or freeze?
  19. mikeh

    Magic sweet spot operating temp.

    I am wondering on what would be a single sweet spot ambient or core operating temp for 6 month old leopard. I am aware of recommended gradients, but what would be that magic narrow range in which the tort is the most active?
  20. mikeh

    Natural inhibitors of larva growth in vapor water.

    Id like to add a water tray suspended from the ceiling in a chamber for evaporation to keep things more humid. There will be a water proof heat cable inside the bottom of the tray to aid the evaporation and gently heat the chamber. Tort will have no access to the tray. My question is what can...