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  1. jeannettep

    Going on vacation with a pet tortoise?

    We take our tortoises with us in a set up tub in the rv. It was a bit of a challenge since you have to maintain humidity & temperature, so took my temperature gun as part of my tortoise travel kit. I use a pet pen with a chicken wire floor & covered the sides so they can't see out for outside...
  2. jeannettep

    My Red Foot tortoises are getting bigggg!!! please help! :)

    I know more experienced keepers will have better ideas, but I keep a tray with water for them to soak in when they choose. If I think they need more, I will soak them in water using a concrete mixing tub. Supervising them in there. I use a humidifier, but I know the experienced keepers have...
  3. jeannettep


    I use foil to cover mine, but get a temperature gun. They are cheap at the hardware store. I have to adjust periodically how much foil is covering to maintain heat correctly. Soak your tort. Mine is soaked everyday, sometimes 2x a day. She's big enough not to need it, but she likes her soak...
  4. jeannettep

    Diatomaceous Earth

    Others may chime in with concerns they know about. But fire ants are really bad here & I'd prefer de than poison.
  5. jeannettep

    Diatomaceous Earth

    I have used food grade de since the 90s. It is very important to only use food grade. I put it around my veggie plants, ant hills, I'll broad cast it all over the yard for parasites, ants, slugs, snails, flees & mosquitos, as well as other bugs. The dog picked up an internal parasite, so I made...
  6. jeannettep

    Young Opossum busted with security cam now what

    I hope we don't get raccoons. I've heard they are a real mess. So far I like saving money & not using bait for their rodent control. I read possums don't hang out long with a short life expectancy & around here it will be short. We never have squirrels, they don't survive the vehicles.
  7. jeannettep

    Young Opossum busted with security cam now what

    So far the opossum has not been a problem, other than making sure we put the dog up. With our web cams, we have 2 that pass thru every few nights, at different times. I got one of those yard defenders that shoots water & they must have been startled by it, but after a few nights, they figured...
  8. jeannettep

    New enclosure for Chevy!

    Thanks! I have a reptile humidifier on its last leg so I think this would be great!
  9. jeannettep

    New enclosure for Chevy!

    Wow! This is inspirational! I would love additional information to convert the humidifier. I have that same humidifier!
  10. jeannettep

    Best plant to grow in Red Foot Tortoise's terrarium?

    I do that too inside enclosures. I like them to eat what I plant and Tom had suggested growing outside of the habitat to put them in to be trampled, nibbled and relocated by my tort. So the swap method does work really well.
  11. jeannettep

    How to increase humidity?

    Tom, I'm curious why not use humidifiers? I even use one for myself when humidity is low.
  12. jeannettep

    Best plant to grow in Red Foot Tortoise's terrarium?

    I'm not good at growing plants. But I have had good luck with hibiscus, hosta, aloe vera and spineless prickly pear cactus. I've tried grape vines but they always die on me. But whatever you choose, always make sure to check it is safe for reptiles.
  13. jeannettep

    How to increase humidity?

    I use a reptile humidifier. Connected to Inkbird controller But a controller isn't required to use the humidifier. I just use it so it shuts on and off when needed.
  14. jeannettep

    Enclosure updates

    We used zero water filter it just runs regular water thru it. I used it with most things. My husband put a inexpensive filter on the faucet, so far it's worked great. We have really hard water, so any equipment here would not last long without something. Lucky people who don't!
  15. jeannettep

    Enclosure updates

    The drapes seem to be the best option with a load bearing wall. You could get thick insulated drape fabric & have your friend line the drapes with it. That fabric does not fray, so I don't have to hem it. Even if the drape fabric you bought has insulation lining, you may want to add it. My son...
  16. jeannettep

    Redfoots houses together?

    It is really surprising to catch them being dominant over each other. The way I caught mine was for hurricane preparation & I had these empty cattle mineral tubs & thought it would be ok for 24-48 hours. They would be kept in the dark. I put the box turtle in 1 & 2 red foots that spent last...
  17. jeannettep

    Found some interesting Tortoises at Bronx Zoo

    It makes me want to go back over my notes to refresh my memory if I'm remembering to do everything.
  18. jeannettep

    Tennessee Tortoise in the Winter

    That's funny! I could never do that with mine. They eat and poo at the same time...
  19. jeannettep

    Lowest outside temp?

    My red foots are a little older than yours and I'm near Galveston. I try to maintain them at 70. My goal is to provide for them similar to how they would be living in the wild. A little easier to do here, than there. There are a lot of ideas here how to extend their outside time on this forum. I...
  20. jeannettep

    Humidfier angst

    I have been using these humidifiers and hooked up to an inkbird that turns it off when the humidity is the level I specify. I bought the 1st one April 2019 and I use a zero water filter because our water is really hard here and...